Feb 052014

Our previous post mentioned some more Sky channels moving from satellite to satellite.

Channels have been moved from the temporary Astra 1N satellite, and moved to the “old” Astra 2A satellite.

The channels and frequencies affected, that we can make out are:

12071 H – Sky Sports Active 12090 V – National Geographic HD UK, Comedy Central HD UK, Eden HD, Nickelodeon HD, MTV HD UK

12110 H – Sky Sports F1, Sky One +1, Sky Sports 2 Ireland, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 3, PBS U.K., Fox U.K., Cartoonito, Sky Living, Comedy Central UK

12168 V – Sky Modern Greats HD, Sky Valentine HD, Sky Scifi/Horror HD, Sky Comedy HD, Sky Disney HD

12148 H – Sky Arts 2, Sky Atlantic (ireland), Sky Sports News, Eurosport 2, Sky Sports 4, Fox +1 U.K., Comedy Central Extra

12207 V – Sky Sports 2, Sky News, Sky News Ireland, Sky One Ireland, Pick TV, Sky Two, Pick TV +1

12227 H – Good Food HD, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior HD, Disney Channel HD UK, TCM HD UK

12246 V – Sky Action HD, NatGeo Wild HD, History, Crime HD, TLC HD

12266 H – Sky Box Office 12304 H – Challenge, Challenge +1

12324 V – Film4 HD, SyFy HD UK, More 4 HD


For some channels – like those on frequency 12207 and 12110 you should not notice any changes in reception in my service area (Costa Blanca and Valencia areas). For some extreme fringe reception areas, like the Canaries, you may have noticed you can now receive these channels again. This is because the beam that they are now on, the Astra 2A south beam, has much better reception in your area than the beam they were on, the 1N European beam.

The rest of the channels and frequencies in last nights move may be bad news for some people, especially those with smaller satellite dishes. These channels have moved from the 1N European beam, to the “weaker” Astra 2A north beam. In my service area (Costa Blanca and Valencia areas) the Astra 2A north bam is much harder to receive than the south beam, and requires at least a 1.8m dish.

And that is why some channels have better reception today, and others have worse reception.



Feb 052014

It looks like over night a number of Sky pay channels moved satellites.

It looks like they moved from the Astra 1N satellite to the Astra 2A satellite.

And some moved to the “tricky” to receive North beam – meaning their reception is harder to receive than before.

Early indications are that the following frequencies have moved.



Some channels affected include : Sky Action HD, Sky Sci and Horror HD, Sky Modern Greats HD, Sky Drama and Romance HD and Sky Comedy HD. And a few more Sky HD channels.

Dec 112013

Astra 2E News : According to SES, who own and operate the new Astra 2E UK TV satellite, the transfer of channels from 1N to 2E will take place “early February 2014”

Channels in this transfer will include BBC ITV C4 and Sky pay channels.

“The transfer will have no adverse implications for viewers in the UK and Ireland as the affected channels will continue to operate on the same frequencies and will be broadcast at the same, or slightly improved power levels, across the UK and Ireland”

So no changes in UK TV reception in Spain for a couple of months yes, despite what you may have heard on the rumour mill – probably from some “Not So Smart” TV box sellers!!

May 162013

Is Channel Five HD coming to Freesat soon…?

Currently Channel Five HD is available on frequency 12266 H SR 29500 FEC 3/4 on transponder 29 on Astra 1Ns European beam, whose reception is very good in many areas of Spain. It currently requires a Sky viewing card, but is available no subscription, to watch this channel.

However, since the main channels, Five, Five USA and Five* all became “free to air” (ie do not require a viewing card) a year or so ago, there has been speculation when Channel Five HD would also go “free to air”.

Well, the answer could well be “soon”.


Well, recently a Channel Five HD channel has appeared on a BBC transponder on Astra 2F.
The frequency is 11023 H SR 23000 FEC 2/3 and is on transponder 61 on Astra 2F.

This could be for a future launch of Channel Five HD on Freesat, or simply some form of test – so nothing is as yet confirmed, and this is simply speculation.

This could mean that the BBC are “loaning” their frequency to Channel Five to assist with the launch on Channel Five HD onto Freesat. The BBC did this previously, putting a Channel 5 region onto one of their transponders to allow Channel Five onto Freesat.

The downside of this is that the frequency of 11023 H SR 23000 FEC 2/3 and on transponder 61 on Astra 2F is on a UK beam, and this may mean that the reception for Channel Five HD may soon change in “fringe reception areas” like southern Spain. So it may be that if you live in an areas that lost reception of Channel Five back in December 2012, when they moved from their previous satellite Astra 1N to Astra 2F, then this move of Channel Five HD to Freesat may also result in the loss of Channel Five HD. If you can currently receive Channel Five , Five USA and Five*, then hopefully your reception of Channel Five HD should not be affected.

Feb 172013

Further to this recent post ( ), here is a complete list of channels that have moved from Astra 2B satellite to the Astra 1N satellite.
In some areas of Spain reception of some channels will have improved, as the channels used to be on a “weaker” Astra 2B south North beam signal, are now on a relatively “stronger” signal.
In some areas of Spain reception of some channels will have reduced, as the channels used to be on a “strong” Astra 2B south beam signal, are now on a relatively “weaker” signal.

Astra 1N 12090.00 V 20 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
National Geographic HD UK
Comedy Central HD UK
Eden HD
Nickelodeon HD

Astra 1N 12110.00 H 21 Pan Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 2/3
Sky Sports F1
Sky One +1
Sky Sports 1
Sky Sports 2 Ireland
Sky Sports 3
Fox U.K.
Sky Living
Comedy Central UK

Astra 1N 12148.00 H 23 Pan Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 2/3
Sky Arts 2
Sky Atlantic
Sky Sports News
Sky Sports News Ireland
Sky Spts News
Sky Sports 1
Eurosport 2
Sky Sports 4
Fox +1 U.K.
Comedy Central Extra

Astra 1N 12168.00 V 24 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
Sky Movies 007 HD / Sky Movies Showcase
Sky Drama HD
Sky Scifi/Horror HD
Sky Comedy HD

Astra 1N 12188.00 H 25 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
Dave HD
Watch HD
Animal Planet HD

Astra 1N 12207.00 V 26 Pan Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 2/3
Sky Sports 2
Sky News
Sky News Ireland
Sky One Ireland
Pick TV
Pick TV +1
Sky Two
Community Channel

Astra 1N 12226.00 H 27 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
Good Food HD
Cartoon Network
Disney Cinemagic HD U.K.
Disney Channel HD UK

Astra 1N 12246.00 V 28 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
Sky Action HD
NatGeo Wild HD
History HD
Crime HD

Astra 1N 12266.00 H 29 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
Sky Sports News HD
ESPN America HD
Channel 5 HD

Astra 1N 12285.00 V 30 Pan Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 2/3
Sky Oscars
Sky Arts 1
Sky One
Sky Atlantic
Sky Living
Sky Living +1
British Eurosport
Chelsea TV
Sky Sports 2

Astra 1N 12304.00 H 31 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
More 4 HD
Eurosport 2 HD

Astra 1N 12324.00 V 32 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
Discovery HD UK
Sky Box Office

Astra 1N 12363.00 V 34 Pan Europe DVB-S2 QPSK 29500 3/4
Sky Sports HD 3
Sky Sports F1 HD

Jan 262013

Here are more details on the channels affcted by this weeks satellite move.

Our previous post ( ) mentioned some of the channels and frequencies that had moved satellites.

It appears that all of the affected frequencies and channels used to be on the Astra 2A satellite.

They are now on a different satellite – this could be either Astra 2F, the new UK TV satellite recently launched, or (unlikely) Astra 1N, the “temporary” UK TV satellite, which is also carrying the majority of the BBC and ITV channels.

Becasue these channels are now on a different satellite, this has meant that their reception in some areas in Spain has changed.

Channels that used to be on the Astra 2A North beam used to be hard to receive, especially mid afternoon, even on 2.4m satellite dishes, when the beam was at its weakest. Since these channels have moved to another beam, on another satellite their reception in Spain should have improved. Improved to an extent that they should be available in most areas on a 1m satellite dish.

However, Sky TV users in the extreme edges of reception, like the Canary Isands, Tenerife, will have lost these channels, as the bnew beam these channels have moved to is not available in that area. There is not a lot people in these areas can do. Their only hope of getting these channels back are if they eventually move and stay on a more “generous beam”


Sky Channels and Frequencies Affected

Sky TV Frequency 12070 H 27500 FEC 2/3 Transponder 19 Moved from Astra 2a north

Sky Sports Active


Sky TV Frequency 12090 V 29500 FEC 3/4 Transponder 20 Moved from Astra 2a north

National Geographic Channel UK HD, Comedy Central UK HD, Nickelodeon UK HD, Eden HD


Sky TV Frequency 12148 H 27500 FEC 2/3 Transponder 23 Moved from Astra 2a north

Sky Arts 2, Sky Atlantic Ireland HD, Sky Sports News UK, Sky Sports News Ireland, Sky Sports 1 Ireland, British Eurosport , Sky Sports 4, Fox UK +1, Comedy Central Extra UK


Sky TV Frequency 12168 V 29500 FEC 3/4 Transponder 24 Moved from Astra 2a north

Sky Movies Modern Greats HD, Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD, Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror HD, Sky Movies Comedy HD


Sky TV Frequency 12188 H 29500 FEC 3/4  Transponder 25 Moved from Astra 2a south

Dave UK HD, Watch HD,, Animal Planet Europe HD, MTV UK HD


Sky TV Frequency 12207 V 29500 Transponder 26 Moved from Astra 2a south

Sky Sports 2 UK, Sky News UK, Sky News Ireland, Sky News active, Sky 1 Ireland, Sky 2 UK, Pick TV, Pick TV+1, Community Channels


Sky TV Frequency 12226 H 29500 FEC 3/4 Transponder 27 Moved from Astra 2a north

Good Food Channel HD, Cartoon Network UK HD, Disney Cinemagic UK HD, Disney Channel UK HD


Sky TV Frequency 12266 H 29500 FEC 3/4 Transponder 29 Moved from Astra 2a south

Sky Sports News HD, ESPN America UK HD Five HD


Sky TV Frequency 12324 V 29500 FEC 3/4 Transponder  32 Moved from Astra 2a north

Discovery Channel Europe HD, ESPN UK HD, Syfy UK HD, Sky Movies Box Office HD


Sky TV Frequency 12363 V 29500 FEC 3/4 Transponder 34 Moved from Astra 2a south

Sky Sports 3 HD, Sky Sports F1 HD


Sky TV Frequency 12480 V 29500 FEC 3/4 Transponder 40 Moved from Astra 2a North

Channel 4 Ireland, E4 Ireland, More 4 Ireland, Smash Hits, Kerang, Kiss, The Box, 4Music

Dec 122012

The BBC have confirmed that “as a result of SES’s fleet replacement programme, BBC services will move in the second half of 2013.”

Regular readers will recall that in February 2012, SES retired Astra 2D and BBC services moved to a new temporary home on Astra 1N. Astra 1N is due to take up its permanent position in 2013 (19°East), so the BBC’s services will move to their new permanent home on Astra 2E (28.2°East) when that becomes operational. SES expects Astra 2E to launch in Q2 2013, so we currently expect to transition BBC services to it during summer 2013.

I hope that clarifies the timings of moves and also that the moves relate to the SES fleet replacement programme, rather than any BBC strategy to change its footprint. That said, the new transponders do have a slightly different footprint, so I’ll explain a bit about that, and why the changes are no cause for concern for the BBC in our requirement to ensure that the BBC’s domestic services are readily accessible to people living in the UK.

In all likelihood the move of BBC services from 1N to their new permanent homes will have no impact on UK households.  Astra 2E and 2F have the same, tighter but slightly more powerful UK spot beams which means that UK households should get a slightly stronger signal.  So if you happened to be on the edge of coverage, you will hopefully get more reliable reception.

The overspill of the BBC’s services will be reduced so viewers outside the UK will find it even harder to receive them. I know that this causes unhappiness to some of you living outside the UK. However, it is entirely appropriate because the BBC domestic services are for people living in the UK only.


One would also assume that the other ITV C4 channels on Astra 1N would move to Astra 2E at the same time.

But there is still the question of what will Astra 2Es reception be like in Spain, and what sized satellite dish will you need to receive the channels on the UK beam…

So it could be that the changes rumoured to be happening on the 16th to 18th December is actually the transfer of some Sky channels from another satellite (Astra 2B) to Astra 2F.


Source: bbc blog

Dec 052012

December 2012 Update : Channel Movement From Astra 1N to Astra 2F
On Tuesday 4th December 2012, a number of UK satellite TV channels and frequencies moved from their temporary satellite home Astra 1N, to their new home on Astra 2F.

The channels and frequencies affected are :
10.964 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 (CH5/5USA/5*/Channel 5+1),
10.994 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 (ITV 1 Granada HD/ITV 1 Central South West SD/ITV 1 Anglia West SD/ITV 1 Meridian North SD/ITV 1 Yorkshire East SD/ITV 1+1 Yorkshire SD),
11.052 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 (ITV 1 Central South SD/ITV 1 Central East SD/ITV 1+1 Wales SD/ITV 1+1 Westcountry SD/ITV 1+1 Tyne Tees SD)
11.126 V SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 (Channel 4 HD/4Seven SD)

There have been many reception reports for Astra 2F in Spain.

The initial indication are that there are areas of Spain that are now experiencing “no satellite signal” messages for these channels are the southern areas of Spain, like Andalucía, Malaga, Marbella  and the Costa Del Sol.


Previously these areas benefitted from “bonus” reception due to a “side lobe” on Astra 2D, meaning they could receive most of the main UK TV channels on a “medium” sized satellite dish – such as a 1.25m satellite dish

However, with the change of these channels from Astra 1N to Astra 2F, these dishes are now simply too small to receive Channel Five and Channel 4HD.

A larger satellite dish will be required to be able to receive these channels again. What sized satellite dish to be able to receive these channels is currently debateable, as there are numerous conflicting reports for these areas.

However, it may be best to wait until the main bulk of the UK TV channels, like BBC and ITV move to their new satellite, whenever this may be. Only then can you be sure what sized satellite dish you will need to be able to receive these channels. There is no point in buying a 1.4m satellite dish today, if it is unknown and not guaranteed to receive the BBC channels when they move to their new satellite!

And at the moment, no-one knows what that will be.