Jan 182016

A lost satellite is starting to cause headaches for satellites operators, which may impact TV viewing across Europe.

Amos 5 has been declared as “dead” after suffering a major electrical problem in November just after launch. All attempts to recover the satellite were finally given up on in the past week.

However, without any control over the satellite, it can’t be moved away from its current orbit, into the so-called graveyard orbit out of the way of operational satellites.

The powerless satellite, originally located at 17 East, has been moving slowly eastwards along “Clarke Belt”, the operational satellite arc, towards other operational satellites.

Amos 5 has now reached 19 East, and is closing in on the Astra 1 satellite cluster, which carries a lot of European channels, like German and French TV.

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Jun 292015

Earlier today the last few remaining frequencies from the old Eutelsat 28A satellite were moved to the three new Astra 2 satellites.

This also meant a move for the Freesat Electronic Programme Guide data stream.

These latest moves are to remove channels from the aging Eutelsat satellite, which has been in orbit since 2001.
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Jun 242015

As part of the agreement between Eutelsat and SES, and as part of the satellite renewal program at 28 east, many channels are changing frequencies, as they are moved between the satellite.

Viewers with Sky and Freesat receivers: Frequency changes should be handled automatically by the receiver.
Viewers with other satellite receiver may have to perform a rescan to continue to view channels that have changed frequencies.

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