Aug 142013

The new launch date for SES Astra 2E – the new UK TV satellite – is given as the 15th September 2013.

Quote from “ILS” – International Launch Services – who launch the satellite:

“The ILS Proton return to flight mission will be the Astra 2E satellite for SES on September 15, 2013. The scheduling of the remainder of the ILS Proton near term manifest for 2013 is currently being determined”

This new launch date is due to the recent failure of a Proton rocket, due to incorrectly installed sensors.

This is the new launch date, it is not the date that channels will start to be moved and transmitted from Astra 2E. That will take place a few weeks after launch, after testing.

Aug 032013

Below is an update on the 2 July 2013 Russian Federal Proton M/Block DM-03 GLONASS mission failure.

Russian Investigation and FROB Status
The Russian State Commission has completed its review of the Roscosmos Commission findings. A translated summary of the findings is expected to be provided to ILS on Saturday, August 3. The summary includes information pertaining to the improper installation of the three yaw angular rate sensors located on the Proton launch vehicle and details that the premature Loss of Contact (LOC) of the electrical/pneumatic launch pad interface was not a contributing factor to the failure.
An official ILS/KhSC public release of the Russian State Commission findings based on the summary information provided will follow, along with a schedule for the upcoming Failure Review Oversight Board (FRO.

Based on the progress to date, it is expected that the Failure Review Oversight Board (FRO will begin on August 9 and will tentatively conclude by August 16.

Astra 2E Campaign Status, Return to Flight and Proton Manifest
The Astra 2E team will resume campaign operations after the Russian State Commission and ILS FROB complete the required work on root cause and required corrective actions and all parties agree to re-start the campaign.

The schedule for the return to flight and subsequent missions will be determined once the Russian State Commission and ILS FROB complete their efforts and the required corrective actions have been implemented. A public release will be issued at that time.


This is a result of the rocket failure early in July, which delayed the launch of the new UK TV satellite Astra 2E ( )

More Astra 2E launch news:

Mar 242013

Below is an image taken from an SES Astra presentation earlier this month.

It shows the three new UK TV satellites, and their expected launch and operational dates.

The first new UK TV satellite, Astra 2F, is already in operation.

The seconds new satellite, Astra 2E, will not be launched until July 2013, and is expected not to be in operation until September 2013.

And not August, as many expected.

So it looks like BBC ITV C4 channels will not be moving to this new satellite until September 2013.

Until Astra 2E is operational, no-one will know what its reception will be like in Spain. Anyone, including satellite TV installers in Spain, who says they know what Astra 2Es reception will be like in Spain, and the require dish sized to receive Astra 2E, is only speculating. You cannot even use Astra 2Fs reception in Spain as a benchmark, as each satellites reflectors will be different, and thus so will the satellites signal footprint.