Mar 302016

With the closure of BBC Three, the BBC are making a few channel number changes.

These changes will affect both Sky and Freesat box users.

The channel number change will take place during the course of Thursday 31st March.

This will especially affect BBC One HD for Sky and Freesat viewers in England and BBC Alba for viewers across the UK.

106 BBC One HD (England)
106 BBC One SD (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
107 BBC Four (unchanged)
108 BBC Two SD (England)
108 BBC Two HD (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
109 BBC Alba

115 BBC One HD (England)
115 BBC One SD (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
141 BBC Two HD (England)
141 BBC Two SD (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
142 BBC Alba

Best to check your planner for any recordings, incase your receiver does not pick up the new channel numbers.

Mar 262013

Listed below are the channel numbers in the Sky satellite EPG (electronic programme guide) for all available BBC TV channels and radio stations.

On the 26 March 2013 we’ll be changing our EPG positions on Sky at the same time as launching BBC Two HD. The table below reflects the new channel numbers. ( )

BBC One HD will be 141 (was 143)
BBC Two HD will be 142 (BBC HD was 169)
BBC ALBA will be 143 (was 168)

If you have a Sky set-top box but don’t have an active viewing card, you will receive BBC One London on channel 101 and BBC Two England on 102. This is because the receiver has no way of establishing where in the UK it is located and automatically defaults to these two channels.

BBC TV channelsSky EPG no.
BBC One (your region) *101
BBC Two (your region) *102
BBC Three115
BBC Four116
BBC One HD141
BBC Two HD142
BBC News503
BBC Parliament504
BBC One – Scotland951
BBC One – Wales952
BBC One – Northern Ireland953
BBC One – London954
BBC One – North East & Cumbria955
BBC One – Yorkshire956
BBC One – East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire957
BBC One – North West958
BBC One – West Midlands959
BBC One – East Midlands960
BBC One – East (East)961
BBC One – East (West)962
BBC One – South East963
BBC One – South964
BBC One – Oxford965
BBC One – West966
BBC One – South West967
BBC One – South West (Channel Islands)968
BBC Two – England969
BBC Two – Scotland970
BBC Two – Wales971
BBC Two – Northern Ireland972


BBC radio stationsSky EPG no.
Radio 10101
Radio 20102
Radio 30103
Radio 4 FM0104
Radio 5 Live0105
BBC World Service0115
Radio Scotland0116
Radio Wales0117
Radio Ulster0118
BBC Asian Network0119
6 Music0120
Radio 70131
Radio nan Gàidheal0139
Radio 4 LW0143
5 Live Sports Extra0144
BBC London (London only)0152
Radio Cymru0154