Jan 122013

Late in 2012, the BBC launched the first national variants of BBC One HD starting with Northern Ireland on 24 October 2012

This is the first rgional variation available after the BBC One England HD.

Now two more BBC One HD regional variations will be launched soon.

BBC One Scotland HD will launch on Monday 14 January 2013 on Freeview HD, Sky HD, Virgin Media, Freesat HD and YouView

BBC One Wales HD will launch on Tuesday 29 January on Freeview HD, Sky HD, Virgin Media, Freesat HD and YouView.

BBC One Scotland HD and BBC One Wales HD will take over from BBC One HD in the electronic programme guide (EPG) for viewers in Scotland and Wales on the date of launch so these are the channel numbers where you will find them:

BBC One England HD / BBC One Scotland HD / BBC One Wales HD / BBC One Northern Ireland HD

Freeview HD /YouView 101

Sky HD 143

Virgin Media 108

Freesat HD 108

Users shouldn’t have to do anything to start receiving the new services. If you live in Scotland or Wales you should just see your new version of BBC One HD appear on the current BBC One HD channel number.

And BBC HD will become BBC Two HD, “a few months’ time.”