Jun 282017

BBC Activates more Red Buttons streams ready for Wimbledon

Following three days of extra Glastonbury coverage, the BBC will be reactivating its extra Red Button streams between 3rd and 16th July 2017 for extra coverage.

Where as for Glastonbury there were only three red button feeds available on satellite, an extra three streams will be brought on-air.

During Wimbledon, the extra streams will be available as follows:
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May 312014

The BBC has started up some additional “red button” streams.

These additional “red button” streams will be used for the next few months, over the summer, to help provide more coverage of the sports and events over the summer, from the World Cup, to Wimbledon, Glastonbury, and the Commonwealth Games.

Sky and Freesat receiver will be able to access these streams directly one they are fully operational.

Users of other satellite receiver will have to manually scan.

BBC Red Button Streams – frequencies
11464 H 22000 5/6
Tagged as 22101-22105

These streams are on the UK beam of the satellites, so will only be available if you are receive other BBC channels.