Nov 052015

On Sunday 1st November, BeIN Sports changed some of their channel frequencies and the satellites they operated on.

With no prior warning.

If your satellite dish is aligned to Nilesat at 7 West, then you will have lost BeIN Sports 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

These BeIN Sports channels (BeIN Sports 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15) are now only available on their satellites at 25.5 east, Es’Hailsat.

If your satellite dish is already aligned to Es’Hailsat at 25.5 East (or Badr at 26 east), then you will also need to perform a rescan of channels, as some of the BeIN Sports channels have changed their frequencies also.

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Feb 072015

The £4billion fight to show live Barclays Premier League football will go into a second round next week.

The bids were tabled for the seven packages — starting in 2016-17 — by a noon deadline on Friday, but there was no immediate verdict from the Premier League, as there was a week earlier for the highlights rights won by BBC.

This is because America’s Discovery Channel and maybe even Qatar-based beIN Sports could join BT Sport and Sky in a fierce battle that will not be concluded until Tuesday or Wednesday.

The PL are expected to ask for revised offers for all packages at the start of next week, which suggests bidding is very close for all sets of rights.

Sky are understood to be putting all their resources into retaining the four prime packages with the most first picks, while BT Sport would be content with increasing their portfolio to 56 games a season.

But the entry of two overseas giants in the domestic market will have the PL looking forward to an even bigger bonanza — pushing the price of one live match to £8million.




Jun 012014

Today (1st June 2014) BeIN have changed their sports package details.

This coincides with the World Cup package they have introduced.

All existing subscriptions have been reverted to a basic level.

You can upgrade to one of the new packages.

World Cup Package (will include the channels carrying the World Cup)
Sports Package (will not include channels carrying the World Cup)

Any upgrade should take into account the expiration date of your previous subscription, and this (should!) will be deducted from your upgrade price.

Apr 262014

German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF will not broadcast the games of the Football World Cup 2014 on Eutelsat’s Hot Bird satellite system at 13° East due to rights restrictions.

The broadcasters’ live coverage of all 64 World Cup matches will only be transmitted on Astra (19.2° East) which has a smaller footprint than Hot Bird and acts as the main DTH platform serving domestic satellite households in Germany.

“The contractual agreement with FIFA does not enable ZDF to distribute the coverage on Eutelsat Hot Bird,” a ZDF spokesman told Broadband TV News. He added that no decision has been made yet which programmes will replace ZDF’s World Cup transmissions on the Eutelsat satellite.

A spokesperson from SWR, the ARD affiliate handling the World Cup coverage, told Broadband TV News that, according to the present state of knowledge, ARD will only distribute the World Cup matches on Astra, like it has been the case at the previous World Cup four years ago. SWR expects to make a firm statement on this matter in mid-May 2014.

The rights issue arises from Hot Bird’s large footprint through which ARD and ZDF reach, for example, expats, hotels, embassies and army troops in remote areas not served by Astra. The wide-beam transponders used by the broadcasters also cover the Middle East and Northern Africa where pay-TV broadcaster beIN Sports from the Al-Jazeera group has obtained the exclusive live broadcast rights from FIFA. With the removal of their unencrypted World Cup coverage, ARD and ZDF avoid a legal dispute with the rights holder in these territories.

ARD and ZDF on Hotbird will therefore have to show alternate programming, when World Cup football matches are being played and show on the same channels on Astra 19 east.


FIFA would like to reiterate that contrary to some reports about the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ coverage in the Middle East and Northern Africa, including statements attributed to ZDF, FIFA’s broadcast partner in Germany, ZDF will not be broadcasting matches unencrypted on the Eutelsat Hot Bird satellite platform during the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. ZDF/ARD are media rights licensees for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ for the German territory only. As such, their broadcasts will be available in the German language and restricted to Germany. beIN Sports is the exclusive Media Rights Licensee for the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Mar 022014

As per our previous posts:

many BeIN Sports channels on Nilesat 7 West and Badr/ Es’hail 1  at 25.5° East went secure.

Going “secure” means that certain BeIN Sports channels will only be able to be watched when the cards are registered to an official JSC / BeIN receiver.