Jul 012013

Many people living on the Costas in Spain are currently worrying a little about the coming changes satellite TV reception, which may, or may not, affect Freesat TV, UK TV and Sky TV reception in Spain later this year.

This is all down to some of the current UK TV satellites being replaced with new satellites.

The first new satellites, Astra 2F, is already in operation. In some areas of Spain, there have been no changes in reception to channels that are on this new satellite. However, in other areas of Spain, particularly the Costa del Sol, reception of channels on Astra 2F, as been affected, especially the loss of Channel Five when it switched satellites.

The second new satellites, Astra 2F, is schedule for launch on the 20th July 2013, and expected to be in operation sometime in September 2013.

For all the latest news about the new UK TV Astra satellites, and more information about “the big switch off” of UK TV in Spain, please see :