Jun 152013

Sky has moved to defend its sports broadcasting empire by slashing broadband prices, its first salvo in the pay TV price war that began last month with the launch of BT Sport.

BT’s decision to give away live Premier League football coverage to all broadband customers knocked millions of the stock market values of rivals TalkTalk and BSkyB in May.

On Friday Sky retaliated, by giving broadband away for free to customers who subscribe to its sports channels.

Both new and existing Sky Sports subscribers will be offered free unlimited internet connections, with no monthly download caps or extra charges for high data use, if they switch away from BT. Those who opt for a TV package without sports will get the service for half the regular price of £7.50.

The giveaway is timed to lure consumers away from BT before the telecoms company’s two sports channels launch in early August, in time for the football season. Sky’s response to the best-funded challenge yet of its dominance in UK sports broadcasting appears measured – the price cuts are for new broadband customers only, and expire after 12 months.



Note: Although you can receive Sky TV in Spain, and BT Sport in Spain, you cannot receive or get Sky Broadband or BT Broadband services.