Jun 032016

This week has seen BT SPort 2 and BT Sport ESPN change frequencies, and moved to the UK beam on the Astra 2 satellites.

This may mean loss of BT Sport channels for some areas of southern Spain and Portugal, as people satellite dishes are now too small to receive these UK beam signals for where they are located.

In my service area, viewers should not notice much change in reception – and BT channels should still be available on our popular 110x120cm satellite dish installations.

Sky digiboxes will automatically update to the new frequencies.

Users with other satellite receivers will have to per form a channels scan to continue to watch these channels on their new frequencies.

For a full BT Sport frequency list click here.

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Oct 052013

BT Sports Frequency changes October 2013

Note that during the first 10 days of October 2013, BT Sports channels will be changing frequencies. This is due to a change in the allocation of frequencies between Eutelsat and Astra.

BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 2 have now changed transponders, moving from 11.527 V, 27.500, 2/3 to 10.979 V, 22.000, 5/6.

This 10.979 frequency is on the Astra 2F UK beam, and so its reception may not be as good at it was previously. If you cannot receive Channel Five, then you will not be able to receive this frequency either!

BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 2 will by the 10th October 2013, be moved to their new frequency of 12.515 H

BT Sport 1 HD and BT Sport 2 HD have now changed transponders, moving from 11.585 H, 29.500, 3/4 to 11.156 V, 23.000, 8/9

BT Sport 1 HD and BT Sport 2 HD will by the 10th October 2013, be moved to their new frequency of 12.574 H

Jul 142013

BT Sports in Spain

How to subscribe to BT’s new TV channels before 1 August launch

What’s on offer on BT Sports?

BT’s package involves three channels – BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN.
BT will show 38 Premier League games (compared with Sky’s 116), plus Conference Premier football, Premiership rugby and WTA tennis. ESPN has FA Cup and Scottish Premier League games.

How to sign up as a new customer?

There are two main options for those without BT or Sky.

To watch online, sign up for BT broadband (ranging from £10 to £16 a month depending on speed and usage). The additional costs are line rental of £15.45 a month, and a one-off £6.95 fee for the hub, all on a 12-month contract.

To watch them on TV means signing up to BT TV – £199 up front with no contract, or £49 by signing up for a TV package for a year, from £5 a month. Sign up before the end of July and the HD versions of all three channels are free.

I already subscribe to Sky for broadband, phone and TV

There are three options:

1) Add the BT channels via channel 413, for £12 a month (£15 for HD).

2) Switch wholesale to BT – but that limits access to Sky, with only Sky Sports 1 and 2 viewable on a BT Vision box. There is no need to pay for a new phone line, but extra costs will be a BT set-top box, activation costs, increased line rental from £14.50 a month to £15.45 a month, and increased broadband costs from £7.50 with Sky to £16 with BT. However, BT is offering free broadband for six months.

3) Keep Sky TV but switch phone and broadband services to BT. The only additional cost here is the £6.95 for the hub. The total monthly cost, after the six months’ free broadband, and including Sky Sports subscription, will be around £73, depending on options selected.

I’m with BT for broadband but have a Sky box

Watch BT Sport through your Sky box for free. Call and request it.

I’m with BT for broadband and TV

Commit to a new 12-month broadband contract, and the channels are free.

I’m with BT for broadband but have a Freeview box

Switch to BT TV, or watch the channels on your iPad or PC for free.

I’m with Virgin Media

There’s currently no access via Virgin.

I live in Spain – how can I get BT Sports in Spain?

You will have to contact BT Sports or your Sky card supplier) and subscribe to BT Sports for £12 a month (£15 for HD).

BT Sports Satellite TV Frequencies