Jun 092015

BT Sport launch new channels for more football coverage.

BT Sport has launched some new channels to coincide with its three year deal to show exclusively live all 351 matches from the Champions league and Europa league.

BT Sport paid £897m to beat ITV and Sky to the rights to the Champions League with the deal due to run for three seasons.

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May 292015

BT Sport is set to announce coverage details for Champions League and Europa League in the next few days.

BT Sports is paying £897m to show the Champions League for the next three seasons, taking the live coverage away from previous broadcasters ITV and Sky Sports.

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May 082015

BT Sport will have a free-to-air version of BT Sport from the next football season, it has been confirmed.

When BT Sports announced they had secured the live broadcast rights for the UK for Champions League and Europa League, they announced that they would be making some matches available free to air.

There had been speculation as to whether BT would licence matches to third-party broadcasters, like ITV, who currently show the free-to-air matches, with Sky broadcasting the rest to Sky Sports subscribers.

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Apr 032015

The Barclays Premier League have announced the final set of televised fixtures for the 2014-15 season.

The TV schedule for the final day of the season, Sunday, May 24, will be announced at a later date.


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Feb 102015

Further to the Premier League UK TV rights announcement today (see ) BT Sports have released the following statement:


BT Sport wins rights to more live Premier League football matches
BT Sport to show 42 live top-flight Saturday and Midweek matches for 2016/17 to 2018/19 seasons

Matches to be added to line-up featuring exclusive live action from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and top-flight European leagues

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Dec 122014

The Premier League is understood to have offered a small number of matches on Friday nights to be broadcast live on TV from 2016.

It is thought up to ten matches will be broadcast at this unconventional time.

A total of 168 live matches will be offered to broadcasters each season for 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19, but no single bidder will be allowed more than 126 matches.

For the next TV rights deal, running from August 2016, the Premier League is to make 168 live matches available per season – 14 more than the current 154 – divided into five packages of 28 matches and two packages of 14 matches.

Despite recent speculation following a official challenge from Virgin Media – which is currently being investigated by Ofcom – the Saturday 2:45pm and 5:15pm blackout to encourage fans to watch matches at the stadium will remain.

Rights to top-flight games are currently shared between Sky (five packages – 116 games per season) and BT (two packages – 38 games per season).

The last deal was worth a combined total of £3.018 billion, and the new tender process is expected to be completed in February 2015.

Tender documents have also been made available for the free-to-air highlights packages.

Currently and traditionally, the BBC has held those rights and broadcast footage on Match of the Day.

However, ITV – who broadcast The Premiership for the 2001-02 season through to the 2003-04 season – is rumoured to be interested in regaining these rights.

A separate sales process will take place for two other Premier League rights packages – a “near-live” long-form package of 212 games and an internet-based clips package. These packages are currently held by Sky and News UK, the publisher of the Sun, respectively.

The rights auction will take place next year, with the contracts likely to be awarded in February and the new deal running for three seasons from August 2016.

Sky and BT will go head-to-head for the rights but the cost of live games is likely to be pushed up further by interest from rival broadcasters such as Discovery – the US media company that now owns Eurosport – and the Qatar-backed al-Jazeera.

There has also been speculation that technology companies such as Apple and Google-backed YouTube could bid for digital rights. Some analysts believe the expected increased competition could increase the total value of the next live rights deal by 50% to £4.5bn.

Aug 092014

Are BT Sports to launch a “red button” extra channel service soon?

During July a number of new channels appeared on the BT Sports transponder.

The later, actual channel names have appeared – BT Sport Red Button.

This suggest some form of BT Sport multiscreen service.

Perhaps this is looking forward to the next football season when BT Sport have exclusive rights for Champions League matches. With these Red Buttons services, then BT Sports will be able to show all matches live, which would be difficult to do on their current two channels.

Or this will help this season when BT Sport can cover 170+ Europa League matches.

It is unknown when these BT Sports Red Button services will officially launch.

BT Sport Red Button Frequency Details.

Transponder 73,

Frequency 12.515 H, 22.000, 5/6.

50330 – BT Sport Red Button 1
50331 – BT Sport Red Button 2
50332 – BT Sport Red Button 3
50333 – BT Sport Red Button 4
50334 – BT Sport Red Button 5
50335 – BT Sport Red Button 6
50336 – BT Sport Red Button 7
50337 – BT Sport Red Button 8

Jul 142014

Sky Sports and BT Sport have announced their live fixtures for the start of the Premier League season.

BT will kick off their season with Louis van Gaal’s debut as Manchester United manager against Swansea City on Saturday August 16, the opening day of the season.

Sky’s opening weekend will feature the first games for last season’s top four teams, including the start of Manchester City’s title defence against Newcastle, Liverpool’s opening fixture of the post-Luis Suarez era against Southampton, and the London derby between Arsenal, the FA Cup holders, and Crystal Palace.

Sky Sports have announced that all of their channels will be free to Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and UPC households on the opening day of the season.

16 August 2014

12.45pm Manchester United v Swansea City (BT Sport)

5.30pm Arsenal v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

17 August 2014

1.30pm Liverpool v Southampton (Sky Sports)

4pm Newcastle United v Manchester City (Sky Sports)

18 August 2014

8pm Burnley v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

23 August 2014

12.45pm Aston Villa v Newcastle United (BT Sport)

5.30pm Everton v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

24 August 2014

1.30pm Hull City v Stoke City (Sky Sports)

1.30pm Tottenham Hotspur v Queens Park Rangers
* Due to Tottenham Hotspur’s participation in the Europa League the preceding Thursday

4pm Sunderland v Manchester United (Sky Sports)

25 August 2014

8pm Manchester City v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

30 August 2014

12.45pm Burnley v Manchester United (BT Sport)

5.30pm Everton v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

31 August 2014

1.30pm Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

4pm Leicester City v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

13 September 2014

12.45pm Arsenal v Manchester City (BT Sport)

5.30pm Liverpool v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)

14 September 2014

4pm Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers (Sky Sports)

15 September 2014

8pm Hull City v West Ham United (Sky Sports)

20 September 2014

12.45pm Queens Park Rangers v Stoke City (BT Sport)

5.30pm West Ham United v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

21 September 2014

1.30pm Leicester City v Manchester United (Sky Sports)

4pm Everton v Crystal Palace
* Everton’s participation in the UEFA Europa League the preceding Thursday

4pm Manchester City v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

27 September 2014

12.45pm Liverpool v Everton (BT Sport)

5.30pm Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports)

28 September 2014

4pm West Bromwich Albion v Burnley (Sky Sports)

29 September 2014

8pm Stoke City v Newcastle United (Sky Sports)

4 October 2014

5.30pm Aston Villa v Manchester City (Sky Sports)

5 October 2014

12pm Manchester United v Everton (BT Sport)

2.05pm Chelsea v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

4.15pm West Ham United v Queens Park Rangers (Sky Sports)

18 October 2014

12.45pm Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur (BT Sport)

19 October 2014

1.30pm Queens Park Rangers v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
* This match may move depending upon the participation of Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League the following Tuesday.

4pm Stoke City v Swansea City (Sky Sports)

20 October 2014

8pm West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United (Sky Sports)

25 October 2014

12.45pm West Ham United v Manchester City (BT Sport)

5.30pm Swansea City v Leicester City (Sky Sports)

26 October 2014

1.30pm Burnley v Everton (Sky Sports)

4pm Manchester United v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

27 October 2014

8pm Queens Park Rangers v Aston Villa (Sky Sports)
* This match is subject to League Cup participation

1 November 2014

12.45pm Newcastle United v Liverpool (BT Sport)

2 November 2014

1.30pm Manchester City v Manchester United (Sky Sports)
* This match may move depending upon the participation of Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League the following Tuesday

4pm Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports)

3 November 2014

8pm Crystal Palace v Sunderland (Sky Sports)

8 November 2014

12.45pm Liverpool v Chelsea (BT Sport)

5.30pm Queens Park Rangers v Manchester City (Sky Sports)

9 November 2014

1.30pm Sunderland v Everton
* Everton’s participation in the Europa League the preceding Thursday.

1.30pm West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United (Sky Sports)

4pm Swansea City v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

22 November 2014

5.30pm Arsenal v Manchester United (Sky Sports)

23 November 2014

1.30pm Crystal Palace v Liverpool (Sky Sports)
* This match may move depending upon the participation of Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League the following Tuesday

4pm Hull City v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports)

24 November 2014

8pm Aston Villa v Southampton (Sky Sports)

29 November 2014

12.45pm West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal (BT Sport)
* This match may move to 30 November, 12pm, depending upon the possible participation of Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League the preceding Thursday

5.30pm Sunderland v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

30 November 2014

1.30pm Southampton v Manchester City (Sky Sports)
* The kick-off time for this match may move to 2.05pm depending upon the possible participation of Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League the preceding Thursday

4pm Tottenham Hotspur v Everton (Sky Sports)
* This kick-off time for this match may move to 4.15pm depending upon the possible participation of Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League the preceding Thursday

Apr 252014

BT Sports HD channels have recently changed frequency.

They are no longer on frequency 12.574 H 23000

BT Sports 1 HD and BT Sports 2 HD are now on 11604 V 29500 3/4

ESPN HD also moved to this frequency

Sky HD boxes should automatically update to the new frequencies.

Users with other satellite receivers will need to perform a scan for these channels on their new frequency.

Jan 312014

A pub landlord has to pay £65,000 in legal costs for breaching the Premier League’s copyright by showing football matches using a foreign satellite card authorised only for private use.

The Premier League took Anthony Luxton to court after various matches were shown at the Rhyddings pub in Swansea.

Key to their case is that the Danish TV pictures used the Premier League logo.

Mr Luxton argued at the High Court that it was an “illicit attempt” to stop foreign decoder cards being used.

He also said that the League’s claim foundered on the rock of European Union free trade rules, but this was rejected.

Mr Luxton’s solicitor Paul Dixon said after the case: “We will be looking very closely at the possibility of an appeal.”

The matches were shown in the pub between September and December 2012.

The League’s QC, Helen Davies, claimed the pub breached strict copyright rules by showing live matches using a satellite card, issued by a Danish broadcaster, during which the Premier League’s distinctive logo was depicted.

The card was only authorised for use in a private home, said the barrister, “and not for use in commercial premises such as the pub”.

“Euro-defence”   There was effectively “communication without consent”, she told Mrs Justice Rose.

The League’s lawyers argued that the foreign decoder cards could not be used in a “public” setting and that showing the Premier League logos in on-screen graphics was also a clear breach of copyright.

The case reached London’s High Court as the League’s legal team sought summary judgment against Mr Luxton on the grounds that his defence had no realistic prospect of success.

Miss Davies claimed Mr Luxton’s “Euro-defence” was “nothing more than a contrived attempt to avoid the obvious consequences of his conduct”.

Following a three-hour hearing, Mrs Justice Rose granted the League’s application and made a “declaration of infringement”. She also issued an injunction barring further unlawful screenings.

She ordered Mr Luxton to pay £65,000 in legal costs, pending final assessment of sum he owes.

“There is no defence to this claim and summary judgment must be entered,” she concluded, dismissing Mr Luxton’s case.

The Premier League welcomed the ruling.

A spokesperson said: “We are currently undertaking our largest ever investigations programme and have commenced legal action against several pubs and will continue to do so.

“Only Sky Sports and BT Sport are authorised to show live Premier League football in pubs in the UK and legitimate commercial subscriptions for use in pubs can be obtained from them.”

The case was the first of up to 100 prosecutions the Premier League is planning to bring up across Wales and England this season.

Last week, BBC Wales revealed the Premier League’s private investigation firm had visited nearly 200 pubs in south Wales in the last four months.


Dec 102013

The next batch of live Premier League games for February 2014 on Sky Sports and BT Sports have been released. And BT Sport are to screen four of top five teams in next round of live TV matches… and Man U also!

BT Sport’s live games in February:

West Ham v Swansea (Saturday, February 1, 12.45pm) Liverpool v Arsenal (Saturday, February 8, 12.45pm) Cardiff v Aston Villa (Tuesday, Februay 11, 7.45pm) Arsenal v Manchester United (Wednesday, February 12, 7.45pm) Chelsea v Everton (Saturday, February 22, 12.45pm)

Sky Sports live games in February:

West Bromwich Albion  v  Liverpool (Sunday, February 2, 1.30pm) Arsenal v Crystal Palace (Sunday, February 2,4pm) Manchester City v Chelsea (Monday, February 3, 8pm) Swansea City v Cardiff City (Saturday, February 8, 5.30pm) Tottenham Hotspur v Everton (Sunday, February 9, 1.30pm) Manchester United v Fulham (Sunday, February 9, 4pm) Newcastle United v Aston Villa (Saturday, February 22, 5.30pm) Crystal Palace v Manchester United (Sunday, February 23, 1.30pm) Norwich City v Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday, February 23, 4pm)

Information on live football matches on satellite TV:


Information on live football matches on satellite TV in December 2013:

Information on live football matches on satellite TV in January 2014:

Information on live football matches on satellite TV in February 2014:

Jul 252013

Michael Owen has been in pre-season training with BT Sport ahead of the Premier League kick off.

The former Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle and Manchester United forward, in this promotional clip for the channel, commentates on some of his best-ever strikes.

A host of Owen’s former team-mates are also involved with BT Sport as Owen Hargreaves, Steve McManaman, David James and Rio Ferdinand will also appear as pundits.

Owen is part of the new BT Sport commentary team for the 2013-14 season, which starts on August 17 with live coverage of Liverpool against Stoke City.

Live football on UK TV:

BT Sports Information :

Jul 172013

BBC win back FA Cup rights in shared deal with BT Sport

The FA Cup on BBC and BT Sports

The BBC and BT Sport have won a four-year rights deal for coverage of the FA Cup.

From 2014, the most romantic club competition in world football will be back on free-to-air on BBC One and BT Sport, which is free for BT broadband users.

ITV, which has held the rights to FA Cup coverage since 2008, will no longer be involved in broadcasting the tournament.

The BBC has secured a four-year shared rights deal with BT Sport that will see both broadcasters show the FA Cup from the start of the 2014-15 season.

Up to 25 exclusively live FA Cup matches will be shown on BT Sport from 2014 including the final, which will be shared with the BBC. The deal also includes the FA Community Shield and FA Trophy.

Reports are that the BBC will show 14 matches, which may means 2 games for each of rounds 1 to 6, one semi final and the final.”, and the BBC will have first pick of the best matches in each round.