Apr 172016

Seven people have been arrested in Spain for card sharing.

The arrests, in early April 2016, were made in several Spanish cities: Madrid, Terrasa, Toledo, Córdoba and Cuevas Bajas in Málaga.

The arrested people used card-sharing, where one of them legally subscribed to a pay-TV platform, and then gave illegal access to content from his subscription to many others using manipulated satellite receivers connected to the internet and their card sharing servers.

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Mar 232016

Earlier this week Sky UK announced their 2016 price increase and package changes.

As part of those changes it was announced that from the 1st June, all Sky Movies subscribers would be able to view and record Sky Movie channels in HD, without the need to take out the extra “HD” subscription.

A nice “bonus” for people who have the movie channels, but not in HD. And it makes sense with the likes of Netflix and Amazon offering films in HD as standard.

However, those people who are still using an SD sky digibox will have to upgrade to a new Sky HD digibox to be able to take up this option.

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Mar 022015

The story of another conviction for a card sharer appeared today in the Daily Mail.


A computer expert tampered with Sky TV boxes to sell pirated packages through eBay, costing the company almost £250,000.

Aron Lees, of Urmston near Manchester, used his coding expertise to hack into boxes and make one account work again and again in a technique called ‘card sharing’ so he could sell cut prices boxes to customers for £110 a time.

He listed the items on his brother Sean’s eBay account and sold more than 300 boxes in less than a year, netting almost £30,000.

The fraud was uncovered after BSkyB investigators posed as a customer to buy a fake box and then tracked down Lees’ IP address from his computer.

Sky calculated that they would have charged around £700 for each box with subscription for a year – meaning they lost around £590 on each eBay sale. Over 338 transactions were completed between March and December 2013, with a total of £28,176 deposited into qualified mechanic Sean Lees’ bank account.

The company received no money from the sale of the boxes, and would have lost around £236,000 over the course of the fraud.

Aron Lees, who made around £3,000 a month from the enterprise, admitted hacking into the boxes and selling them online, contravening the copyright and patents act.

Sentencing him to a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, Judge Timothy Mort said he had used his university education in a ‘good way and bad way.’

Minshull Street Crown Court heard that the frauds took place between March 2013 and December 2013 when police raided Aron Lees’ home.

Jennifer Birch, prosecuting, told Minshull Street Crown Court: ‘From March 2013 an eBay username under slees2012 had made 338 transactions through the sale of decoder boxes, a user name registered to Sean Lees’ home address.

‘In August 2013 BskyB became aware that the username slees2012 was selling satellite equipment that gave access to Sky premium packages without subscription – known as card sharing.

‘This is when a legitimate Sky user has the encryption key stolen which is then shared with decoder boxes over the internet which are then added to the network.’

On December 4 2013, police raided Aron Lees’ home and found dozens of decoder boxes. He admitted the fraud and his computers were seized, which even showed emails between him and customers when they complained that their boxes were malfunctioning.

Ms Birch added: ‘This was a fully-functioning business. Aron Lees was interviewed and made full admissions, he accepted buying the boxes, programming them and selling them on eBay using his brother’s account. He denied he would be charging customers for a renewal as they were sold on the basis of a 12-month package.’

Aron Lees, 29, admitted offering unauthorised decoders for sale contrary to the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for 18 months and ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

Aron Lees used the eBay account belonging to his younger brother Sean to list the hacked Sky boxes and sold more than 300 in less than a year, making around £3,000 a month from the sophisticated fraud

A separate hearing will take place to determine how much money he must pay back from his criminal enterprise.



Oct 082014

Cardsharing is an method of sharing one subscription to multiple satellite receivers via the internet.

As pay TV companies increase their subscriptions, these systems have become more and more popular.

Cardsharing on the Costa Blanca and Spain is rife, with many installers and well known distributors offering these systems – usually without informing the clients about the pitfalls of these systems.

Earlier this year, card sharing systems lost the Sky Italia HD channels due to new encryption and security.

This was then moved to Sky UK, and the Sky HD channels were lost to the card sharing system. But installers still offered these systems, with some still advertising “Full Sky HD” on these system, when clearly all the Sky HD channels are not available.

As we reported:


It was thought that the SD Sky channels would be safe.

However, this week SD channels have started to be lost from the Sky Italia card sharing systems.

Although one or two SD Sky Italia channels are still clearing, many of them are “blocked” or “scrambled”.

The question is, how long will it be before Sky UK follow Sky Italia’s lead, and the Sky UK channels are lost on these cardsharing systems.


Apr 262014

If you are using an illegal card sharing system to receive your Sky channels, then you ,may have noticed you have this week lost a few HD channels.

Channels gone so far..

Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
National Geographic UK
History HD
Crime HD

This is due to new encryption being deployed by Sky and their encryption service to try and combat the illegal sharing of their channels on these card sharing systems.

For people receiving their Sky TV using cardsharing, the lost of these HD channels will be just the start. You can expect further Sky HD channels to be lost in the coming weeks.

Just one of the “problems” that the providers and installers of these systems may not have mentioned to you when you got the system.

The channels are still available in Standard Definition (SD).

Channels continue to work fine with an official Sky card in an official Sky box.




This is taken from a post on another forum

A good friend of mine works for Sly technical department has just confirmed that Sky have issued a statement this week
advising that “Starting from Today Thursday April 24th 2014 all HD subscription channels will begin changing codec and broadcasting streams to allow for thier new Mpeg 5 EPG system to be launched and added to all HD paired boxes via software upgrades ”

“This new feature similar to that of digital Saorview interactive text and features will take effect from today and will allow users in the immediate future to fully enjoy the new interactive teletext functions to become a main feature going forward into 2015 and beyond ”

Nov 172013

A 46 year old resident of Albacete has been detained by police for pirating Canal+ satellite signals and redistribute it illegally over the Internet, in the proicess called cardsharing. The suspect charged between 10 and 20 euros to users who “hired” his internet service.

The person arrested could face a sentence of up to two years in prison and a fine of several thousand dollars by hacking Canal+ signal, illegal distribution and economic profit by reselling to other users. The detainee had at least 60 customers who were charged between 10 and 20 euros depending on the contents.

Authorities found in the home of the alleged “pirate” different tools that relate to pirating Canal+ satellite signals.

PRISA TV has been commissioned to put the complaint once found that the client was using cardsharing system to offer Canal + signal illegally. This system consists redistribute open encoded signal over the Internet. In 2010 the National Police dismantled a network of 8 people who were engaged in the Internet offer paid content from 15 euros per month.

Although Canal + has hardened its fight against piracy , the channel owned by Prisa is claiming a legal framework that guarantees their activity and prosecute those users who infringe copyright.

Jan 212013

Albania has joined North Korea in becoming only the second country in the world where broadcasters have not been invited to tender for live Premier League games as the world’s richest football competition does everything in its power to stop TV piracy. New TV deals in more than 200 overseas nations will earn Premier League clubs more than £2billion for the three-year cycle from 2013-2016 inclusive, bringing in around £5.5bn in total from TV when domestic deals with Sky and BT are included.

But the TV deals keep their value  only when piracy is kept to a minimum – and  imported decoders from  Albania have become a major problem in Britain, where it  is currently  possible to watch Albanian TV’s live coverage of Premier League  games.

As long as the League do not offer  rights  for sale in Albania, that problem will cease, although Albanian  fans of English  football will then be faced with a blackout – unless  they acquire their own  imported decoders from neighbouring Greece or  Macedonia.

The  League’s determination to protect their record-busting revenues from TV deals  will be underlined this week as two British men face possible prison sentences  for an audacious scheme that made them cash from pirated football footage.

Gary Goodger, a 24-year-old from Reading, and  Jack Bannister, a 23-year-old from Burnley, were found guilty respectively of a  copyright offence and handling the proceeds of a crime after a six-day trial  last month.

Goodger had been operating a website called  FreeFootyLive, which broadcast live Premier League games he picked up from  foreign feeds with a massive satellite in his backyard in Reading, processed via  seven computers and nine satellite decoders found in his home.

The dish, which measured two metres across,  was used by Goodger to pick up Premier League games being broadcast live to  audiences in the Middle East.

Bannister was hired by Goodger to process  payments from his customers