Nov 152013

Prior to their launch on the 10th December, some new BBC HD channels have appeared on satellite today.

It has appeared on a BBC HD transponder of Astra 2F, prior to their launch on the 10th December 2013.

11023 H 23000 2/3
Tagged as 8931 and 8932.

Due to their HD settings, these tests cannot be added to your Sky box.

They are both currently showing CBeebies HD.

Perhaps one “tag” is for Cbeebies and the other for BBC Four HD.
In the same way these two channels “share” their SD frequency.

CBBCHD and BBC Three HD and BBC News HD are expected to also launch shortly, either in December or early 2014.

Sky HD digboxes and Freesat HD set top boxes will automatically update them selves with any new channels when they officially launch and are given a “EPG” Programme Guide number.
Users of other receivers will have to perform a channel scan to receive the new channels when launched.

BBC3 HD / CBBC HD now testing on 10847V 23000 2/3 tagged as 6951/52