Sep 142014

Channel 4 has announced that it is axing its 4oD catch-up service.

4oD will be replaced with a new integrated live TV and catch-up portal called All 4.

The new All 4 service will have three main sections:

– Now: the home of live streams from all of Channel 4 TV services, including the main network, E4, More4 and Film4.
– On-demand: This section will replace 4oD and host all of the broadcaster’s catch up TV content, as well as features such as cast interviews.
– On Soon: A showcase of new programme clips and promos, with the facility to allow viewers to set reminders and alerts.

Like all UK TV Catchup and Iplayer services, access to content will be blocked for users in Spain, unless you are using a UK VPN service, to “hide” that you are connecting to the internet from Spain.

On Demand and Catch Up TV in Spain VPN

Feb 112014

If you have lost the normal version of Channel 4 on 104 on your Sky box, then it may be possible to still receive Channel 4 ( and E4 and More 4), as long as you have a Sky card.

Although the free “England” version of Channel Four may not be available, it may be possible for you to receive the Irish versions of Cannel Four.

These are encrypted and require a sky card to access.

Channel 4 Ireland is available with a non subscription viewing card.

E4 Ireland and More4 Ireland are available with a Sky subscription card.


How to add the Irish Channel Four to your Sky box.

Press services

Go to “Add Channels”

Input the frequency 12480 V 27.5 2/3

Find Channels

A list of some channel will appear, if your dish is big enough to receive them.

Included in this list are the Irish versions of  Channel 4, E4 and More4

Navigate to the channels, and press the yellow button placing a “tick” next to the channel.

When done, press select to save the channel..

Rather than access channel 4 via Sky Channel 104, simply press Services, go to Other Channels, and select Channel 4…

And you should not have Channel 4 back.



9th February 2016:

If you were using the “Irish” versions of channel four, then they have moved today to a new frequency on the UK beam, the same beam as the BBC and ITVs…

So if you could not receive English versions of Channel Four, then you will now no longer be able to get the Irish versions either!

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