Apr 272016

After months of speculation, it appears that the free-to-air launch of Channel 5 HD appears to have moved closer.

However, there is as yet nothing official from the broadcaster.

Currently Channel 5 HD is part of the Sky HD subscription package.

A move from Sky TV paywall, to free to air, means that it will also be available on Freesat HD.

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Aug 042015

Channel Five had operated five versions of Channel Five, for advertising purposes.

The five Channel Five regions were London, South/Central England and Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which enabled advertisers to target specific regions.

However, it appears that on the 1st August 2015, advertising on these five versions is the same. So all five regional variations of Channel 5 serving different parts of the UK on satellite are now simulcasting the same content.

Channel Fives new owners Viacom considers running these five regional variations financially unviable.

So what is happening to the five Channel Five versions on satellite?

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Nov 262013

A few channel frequency and name changes (Sky and Freesat boxes should automatically update)

More 4 HD has left frequency 12266, H  More 4 HD is now on a new frequency 12324 V SR:29500 FEC:3/4 SID:3944 PID:513

Channel 5 HD has left frequency 12266 H  Channel 5 HD is now on a new frequency 11798 H SR:29500 FEC:3/4 SID:3945 PID:513

MTV Classics has been renamed to MTV XMAS

NOW Music has been renamed to NOW Christmas

Movies 24 has been renamed to Christmas 24 Movies 24+ has been renamed to Christmas 24+

Oct 292013

Channel 5 HD

It now looks like this channel is no longer “free to view”.

It has now joined the Sky pay service, and requires a Sky subscription to the “Entertainment Extra+” package.

“Channel 5’s twitter account says they have now joined the HD pack ”

Also “Channel 5’s Customer Service have confirmed that Channel 5 HD changed it’s encryption package from Noon today”

May 162013

Is Channel Five HD coming to Freesat soon…?

Currently Channel Five HD is available on frequency 12266 H SR 29500 FEC 3/4 on transponder 29 on Astra 1Ns European beam, whose reception is very good in many areas of Spain. It currently requires a Sky viewing card, but is available no subscription, to watch this channel.

However, since the main channels, Five, Five USA and Five* all became “free to air” (ie do not require a viewing card) a year or so ago, there has been speculation when Channel Five HD would also go “free to air”.

Well, the answer could well be “soon”.


Well, recently a Channel Five HD channel has appeared on a BBC transponder on Astra 2F.
The frequency is 11023 H SR 23000 FEC 2/3 and is on transponder 61 on Astra 2F.

This could be for a future launch of Channel Five HD on Freesat, or simply some form of test – so nothing is as yet confirmed, and this is simply speculation.

This could mean that the BBC are “loaning” their frequency to Channel Five to assist with the launch on Channel Five HD onto Freesat. The BBC did this previously, putting a Channel 5 region onto one of their transponders to allow Channel Five onto Freesat.

The downside of this is that the frequency of 11023 H SR 23000 FEC 2/3 and on transponder 61 on Astra 2F is on a UK beam, and this may mean that the reception for Channel Five HD may soon change in “fringe reception areas” like southern Spain. So it may be that if you live in an areas that lost reception of Channel Five back in December 2012, when they moved from their previous satellite Astra 1N to Astra 2F, then this move of Channel Five HD to Freesat may also result in the loss of Channel Five HD. If you can currently receive Channel Five , Five USA and Five*, then hopefully your reception of Channel Five HD should not be affected.