Apr 272014

What is the best satellite dish for reception of UK TV in the Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain?

If you believe what you read and hear then you will have thought it was the Famaval 1.4m “hi gain” satellite dish.

Nor is it the Tecatel 125x135cm satellite dish which is out own preferred satellite dish to install.

We were called to a clients to install a satellite dish that they had been given by a friend.

It is a Channel Master 1.2m offset satellite dish.


The Channel Master 1.2m measures 120cm horizontally and 130cm vertically across the face of the dish.

This makes it smaller than the Famaval 1.4m “hi gain” satellite dish, that measures 125x137cm across the face of the satellite dish, and smaller than the Tecatel dish which measures 125x135cm across the face of the dish. These two satellite dishes perform equally as well as each other, but the Tecatel dish has the edge

However, during installation, we found that the signal levels on this Channel Master 1.2m dish are far better than the larger Famaval and Tecatel satellite dishes.

In fact the signal levels were excellent.

As an example, I tested the reception of Challenge TV, which is currently transmitted on a “north beam” frequency, making it tricky to receive mid afternoon. At the time of the comparison, the Famaval 1.4m satellite dish was not receiving “Challenge TV”, yet the Channel Master dish was receiving Challenge TV.

Although the performance of this Channel Master dish is quite something, outperforming satellite dishes that are slightly larger, the cost of the dish is reflects this, being about twice the price. These Channel Master dishes are not as readily available as the Tecatel 125×135 satellite dishes.

A very nice and well performing satellite dish. Just a shame the cost and availability make it less desirable than other satellite dishes which are cheaper and more readily available.