Sep 202016

Trader in UK first to be prosecuted for selling Fully Loaded Android Kodi boxes.

A trader selling boxes which allow viewers to watch copyright material for free is set to be the first in the UK to face prosecution.

The trader, from Middlesborough, has been told Middlesbrough Council is taking him to court following an 18-month investigation in what could prove a landmark case.

The kit – also known as a ‘Kodi box’ – allows viewers to watch programming like Premier League football and Hollywood movies for free.

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May 292016

Police in Scotland say they are conducting the world’s biggest ‘pirate box’ crackdown. Together with the Federation Against Copyright Theft, police are targeting sellers of Android-style set-top boxes and believe that thousands of pubs could be customers. In addition, three torrent sites have been closed down.

There are several types around but the most common have Android under the hood. Typically in small set-top or dongle format, these products can be loaded with media software from Google’s Play Store or invariably “side-loaded” with more unofficial products such as customized versions of Kodi, Showbox and Popcorn Time.

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Mar 182016

The UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has arrested six individuals suspected of being involved in the supply of ‘pirate’ Android boxes.

The Android boxes are configured with legal software such as Kodi, which is modified by add ons to make Kodi do less legal things such as obtain free TV from the Internet.

Individuals looking to make a quick buck are selling piracy-configured devices on eBay, Amazon and other venues, meaning that anyone can get in on the close-to-free TV action by shelling out a few pounds, euros or dollars.

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Jun 142015

XMBC / KODI Android TV Box Sellers Raided By Police for copyright infringement

Sellers of Android boxes loaded with software enabling the free viewing of movies, TV shows and live sports (like Sky TV) have been raided this week by UK authorities.

Trading Standards officers, police and representatives from Sky TV carried out raids in several locations, causing other sellers to quickly reconsider the tone of their marketing efforts.

Apple TV boxes, Android set-top boxes and even the lowly Raspberry PI can run software such as Kodi (previously XBMC) alongside third-party addons to provide all of the above at virtually zero cost.

And the provision of these third-party addons are what the broadcasters and rights holders are acting against.


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Jul 242013

According to the rumour-mill, people living in Orba are being told by someone (ie probably someone who sells internet TV boxes) that they will lose ALL UK TV and Sky TV on the 7th August 2013.

And that the MUST buy their Smart TV internet TV IPTV box from them NOW to make sure they do not loose their UK TV.

Another incidence of scaremongering advertising, so a product that people may not actually need.

So here we go again:

You will not lose ALL UK TV.
You will not lose ALL Sky TV.
If anything does happen, it will not be in August, but much later this year.

Why buy a internet TV box when you do not even know if your satellite TV system will be affected?

Why buy a internet TV box which gives a much lower picture resolution when your satellite TV systems may still provide you with all the channels you want?

How does this person selling these boxes know what is going to happen in 6 months time? He’s got the date wrong for a start. But if he is that confident of what he says, ask him for this weeks winning lottery numbers!

We posted this a few months ago when the rumour mill went again into overdrive