Sep 272017

Discovery channels move to UK beam, changing reception in some areas of Spain

The Discovery group of channels, has changed frequencies.

And satellite beams

The channesl used to be on the EUropean beam, meaning nice and easy recpetion across Spain

But yesterday, the channels changed frequencies, and changed to the UK beam.

This UK beam, is the same beam that carries channel like BBC and ITV.

This means that some areas of southern Spain, like the Costa del Sol, and Barcelona area, may find they can no longer access these channels on their current satellite dish. You will now need a larger satellite dish to receive these channels.
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Jun 272017

Reports are that the Discovery owned channels Quest and Quest Red will soon be available on Freesat.

Although nothing has yet been officially announced, Freesat data tables on the satellites show that these channels have been allocated Freesat channel numbers.

Quest will be on Freesat channel 167
Quest Red will be on Freesat channel 169

Presumably the gaps (168 and 170) will mean that the usual “+1” services will be joining at some point too.

Quest is part of the Discovery group of channels, and shows older content from Discovery channels, but has also recently showed some live sports (Eurosport is part of Discovery). Quest Red is skewed towards female viewers.

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Jan 312017

Discovery and Sky have reached an agreement that will see Discovery’s channels continue to be available on Sky, including Eurosport.

The negotiations went down to the wire, with the announcement of an agreement coming just four and a half hours before the channels were due to come off Sky.

Sky had said on Friday that Discovery wanted “close to £1bn” in order for its channels to be carried on Sky’s TV service. Discovery disputed that figure.

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Jan 312017

Deadline day: Sky and Discovery close in on 11th hour deal

Sky and Discovery are closing in on a last-minute deal to save the likes of Eurosport and Animal Planet from the UK’s screens.

The two media giants are in the middle of an embarrassing spat over the future of Discovery’s channels on the Sky platform.

Last Wednesday Discovery hit out at Sky, saying it was not offering enough as part of new contract negotiations, adding “somebody has to stand up for consumers”.

Sky responded by taking the unusual step of revealing Discovery wanted £1bn from the Brentford-based media giant to deliver its 12 channels to Sky customers under the terms of a new contract. Discovery has subsequently denied such claims.
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Jan 302017

Sky prepare for loss of Discovery channels

Sky have made preparations for the loss of the Discovery TV Group of channels…

Contract negotiations between Sky and Discovery have meant the potential loss of 12 channels operated by Discovery from the Sky TV package. (More information here )

The loss of channesl is expect to happen on the 1st February 2017, unless a last minute deal can be reached.

In the meantime, Sky has prepared a “generic” screen, informing customers that the channels are no longer available on Sky TV packages, which will “go live” on the 1st February 2017.


Jan 282017

Sky may lose Discovery channels..some Questions and Answers

What is changing?
From 1 February, Discovery Communications’ portfolio of channels are unlikely to be available in Sky TV packages.

Which channels does this include?
In the UK and Ireland, this includes DMAX, Animal Planet, ID, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Discovery Shed, Discovery Home & Health, Discovery History, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery, TLC and Quest.
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Feb 022016

The BBC is to remain the home of free-to-air Olympic action for the next the five Olympics – Summer and Winter – on its television, radio and online platforms, after securing a deal with Discovery Communications, who won the rights for the 2022 and 2024 Winter and Summer Games.

The BBC had already secured the rights for the 2016, 2018 and 2020 Winter and Summer Games.

In 2015, Discovery had been awarded pan-European rights to the games, including exclusive UK rights for the 2022 and 2024 Winter and Summer Games. This could have meant that the BBC would not be able to show the Games. UK TV rules state that there must be 200 hours of Olympic Games coverage shown on UK TV on a free to air basis. So the BBC and Discovery have made a “sub licencing” deal for each others UK TV rights.

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Jun 292015

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that all TV and multi-platform broadcast rights in Europe for the four Olympic Games in the 2018–2024 period have been awarded to Discovery Communications, the parent company of Eurosport.

It means the BBC could lose coverage of the Games in the UK from 2022, although Eurosport’s parent company Discovery may lease back some of the rights.

The agreement covers the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang in 2018, and the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo in 2020, as well as the Olympic Games in 2022 and 2024, the host cities of which have yet to be elected.

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Jan 172015

The Premier League’s chances of sealing a staggering £10million-per-game agreement – and £5 billion overall – from the next three-year domestic rights deal are even stronger now two foreign TV giants are involved.

The battle between Sky Sports and BT Sport in the auction for the seven packages was already such that £10m for each of 168 live games was an achievable target.

But the Premier League also have America’s massively-funded Discovery Channel looking closely at the tender document while Qatar-based beIN Sports are discussing whether to bid before the February 6 deadline.

Discovery, famous for their documentaries, look the more interested of the two potential new challengers. They own Eurosport so have an established platform on which to screen matches. Even one of the two mini 14-game packages might be seen as a way of establishing the Discovery-Eurosport partnership in the UK. Sports rights specialist Peter Hutton has been appointed Eurosport CEO to build content.

As for beIN Sports, they have the financial muscle to outbid all rivals and it seems a matter of when, rather than if, they will enter England’s domestic football market.

Doha executives say they will give serious consideration as to whether now is the right time to move. The competition will delight the Premier League, who sell each of the seven packages to the highest bidder, and it might be that three different networks share content from 2016-17.

Apr 162014

Discovery Communications and BSkyB are poised to announce a £350m deal to acquire Channel 5 from Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell.

Full details are not known, but Discovery is thought to have a 70% share of the deal with BSkyB taking the remaining 30% share, allowing it to add C5’s advertising inventory to its own sales operation.

The deal will mark a significant step for US media giant Discovery, which has been keen to ramp up both its international portfolio and its exposure to free-to-air broadcasting in key markets.

Richard Desmond bought C5 from RTL in 2010 for £104m. While he was reportedly hoping to attract bids of closer to £600m, he will be happy to have tripled his money in less than four years.

The acquisition would be the most significant deal in the UK free-to-air market since the launch of C5 in 1997.

The deal, which will still be subject to regulatory sign-off, will likely have a massive impact on the channel’s programming budget, with some sources suggesting that it will be more than doubled.


Mar 272014

The chief executive of Discovery has held talks with potential partners about launching joint bids for premium sports such as the Premier League TV rights.

The owner of the Discovery factual channel, the new majority shareholder in Eurosport, is aggressively eyeing the UK market, its biggest outside the US, including bidding for Richard Desmond’s Channel 5.

David Zaslav, chief executive of the US cable giant, kept his cards close to his chest on the Channel 5 sale process, where Discovery is considered to be a frontrunner among buyers offering much less than Desmond’s lofty £700m-plus target.

Zaslav was more open about the potential for Discovery to enter the next three-year Premier League TV rights deal, which is expected to start later this year, as part of a strategy to boost Eurosport in the 55 markets it broadcasts.

“Eurosport is a bigger platform than ESPN on cable in the US and it reaches more people,” he said, speaking at the FT Digital Media conference in London on Thursday. “The question is what we do about that. If we look at big sports rights will be careful about it, we are going to be thoughtful about it.”

The idea of a potential joint bid opens up an intriguing range of possibilities, not least of which could be the potential to join forces with Virgin Media to snatch the TV rights.

Another option could be to partner with BSkyB, which is desperate to see off direct rival BT in the next football rights auction, with whom Discovery already has a strong commercial relationship.

Jan 242014

Discovery Communications, the new majority shareholder in Eurosport, is considering using its deep pockets to take on BSkyB and BT in the next multibillion-pound war for Premier League TV rights.

The owner of the Discovery factual channel, which has a market capitalisation of $28bn (£19bn), is eying up the UK sports rights market after a deal last week to fast-track its acquisition of a controlling stake in Eurosport.

Bidding for the next three-year Premier League TV rights deal is expected to start later this year, and the Discovery Communications chief executive, David Zaslav, told the Guardian that his company is considering a bid.

“We will look opportunistically at everything, strong sports rights can be very compelling and ‘must have’ content for viewers and advertisers,” he said, adding that the UK is Discovery’s biggest market outside the US. “Eurosport is very strong in the UK and we’ll will look at all rights in the UK and Europe and make a strategic decision.”

In June 2012 BT made a surprise entry into Premier League TV rights, winning a significant number of top-flight games that had been the preserve of BSkyB, in a battle that netted the league a record £3bn.


Jan 012013

Spanish satellite pay-TV operator Canal+ seems to be experiencing a crisis, with subscriber numbers stalling and now premium channels beginning to leave its schedule.

According to market sources quoted by Mundoplus.TV, Discovery Networks is to remove its main channel Discovery Channel from Canal+ after rumours that Discovery is to buy into Eurosport.

Discovery Channel was one of the early channels to launch on the platform back in 1997. But recently the American company changed its strategy in Spain by launching a DTT free-to-air channel called Discovery MAX and this has led to Discovery Channel losing some of its attraction to viewers.