Apr 232020

See how Facebook tracks even more information about you than you thought and how to prevent it with their new “‘Off-Facebook Activity’” tool

We all know that Facebook can track you moves and searches and app uses, and use this data to help them to target posts and adverts your way.

Not exactly a new revelation

But did you know that they also have the ability to gather such tracking data even when you are not logged into Facebook?

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May 252017

Facebook has updated its Commerce Policy to include a ban on “products or items” that facilitate or encourage unauthorized access to digital media. The new rule has almost certainly been put in place to stop the further spread of “fully loaded” set-top devices running modified Kodi and similar software.

Often given the broad title of ‘Kodi Boxes’ after the legal open source software that commonly comes pre-installed, these devices are regularly configured for piracy with the aid of third-party addons.

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