Nov 092013

A man who streamed English Premier League matches live across the internet has been jailed for a couple of years by the Sheffield Crown Court. The fellow, named Kevin Broughton, apparently got a little greedy as he was charging viewers up to £29.99 for a season to watch the matches online. This isn’t a bad little earner when you consider he had about 10,000 customers. This works out to a cool £299,000 a year .

The games he streamed originated from Sky and of course this is a no-no since the television company has the exclusive rights to show the matches. The Premier League found out about Broughton’s illegal activities and filed an official complaint with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) back in January of 2012.

The organization looked into the matter as did the East Midlands Police and this spelled bad news for the 30-year-old Broughton and he ended up facing various fraud-related charges. Investigators found he had been stashing the subscription money in an offshore bank account down in Belize.

FACT said criminals are running profitable and sophisticated illegal online operations and stated, “We continue to work to protect our members’ intellectual property and to ensure that they can continue to invest in exciting new ways to watch sports, films and television programs.”