Feb 012016

Football fans who access free streams of top matches are putting their devices, and personal privacy, at great risk, according to a study.

It says the most popular sites are attracting upwards of eight million visits per month.

Like many free services, the pirate sites rely on advertising.

But with few reputable brands willing to attach their name to illegal distribution, the sites turn to malicious ads to pull in profits.

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Aug 162014
Looks like BeIN are trying their best to satisfy the Premier League, and restricting English Premier League matches from their streaming service.
This means that IPTV systems, like mag250 and android / Costasmart TV / Brit TV Boxes, that take these feeds (usually for free) and then use them on their systems (for a charge),  will not be able to view English Premier League matches from BeIN Sports on their little Android tv boxes.
It also looks like this “rights card” is also being displayed on many of the systems used by the paid for mag250 systems also.

Many users are seeing the following on some of their streams when trying to watch BeIN Sports.

Hopefully by blocking them on the internet, then they can revert back to a full match choice of 3pm kick offs in full HD via satellite.
“IPTV is the future” they say – well it is if you want to watch a “rights restrictions” card!





If you want to watch English Premier League matches, live and in FULL HD then you need an official BeIN Sports viewing card and receiver :