Oct 112021

UK TV Problems in the UK in 2021

In recent weeks, the UK has been hit by a number of situations that has caused all sorts of TV reception issues on most platforms (satellite, terrestrial, cable).

Most viewers will be unaware of the problems, but there have been clues.

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Aug 112015

With many people and installers getting confused with terminology used for TV, hopefully this guide will help people understand what is and is not available in Spain.

It should also help people to determine what equipment they require to receive UK TV in Spain.

Many times I have been contacted by people who have read incorrect information on the internet, or given bad advice by people. Most have Freeview boxes, and were attempting to connect them to a satellite dish, or expecting UK TV when connecting them to a TV aerial in Spain – both of which is not possible, despite what they may have been told.

Channel Types:
Channels can be broken down into four categories:

Free to air – channels that are transmitted “in the clear”, with no encryption, or subscription. Examples include BBC, ITV, Channel Four.

Free to view – channels that are transmitted with encryption, so require a viewing card, but do not require a subscription.Examples include Motors TV, LFCTV.

Pay channels – channels that are transmitted with encryption, so require a viewing card, and a subscription. Examples include Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports

Pay per view – channels that are transmitted with encryption, so require a viewing card, and one off payment. Usually boxing and WWE Wrestling

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Aug 022015

UK Freeview is not available in Spain, despite UK TV installers other people in Spain saying UK Freeview IS available in Spain.

UK Freeview is only available in the UK.
UK Freeview is received by a TV aerial in the UK.
UK Freeview is transmitted from land based mast in the UK, masts such as Emley Moor and Crystal Palace.
UK Freeview signals do not reach Spain. They do not even cover the UK 100%!
UK Freeview cannot be received by a satellite dish. They are two different broadcast systems.

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Jul 192015

Browsing the local expat newspapers this weekend, I looked at the adverts from other satellite TV companies in the area.

One advert from one company caught my eye.

One of their installation options offered a “Ferguson Freesat HD digibox”.

However Ferguson do not make a Freesat receiver.

None of their receivers have the Freesat logo, Freesat software, Freesat Programme Guide, or Freesat Automatic Updates.

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May 082015

Confusion About Free UK Television in Spain – Freeview – Freesat – Free to air – Free to view – Satellite TV in Spain for expats

Many people are confused about whether they can receive free UK television in Spain. The subject of what UK channels you can receive is something we are always being asked. Terms such as free UK television in Spain, Freeview and Freesat are always cropping up so we shall explain it to you.

Many people, even satellite installers in Spain, get confused about Freeview and Freesat. If satellite TV installers are unable to get their terminology correct, then no wonder British expats on the Costa’s in Spain are getting more and more confused about how to receive UK TV in Spain.

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Oct 092014

Motors TV has joined the line-up of Freeview, the terrestrial TV service in the UK.


Motors TV is the first dedicated sports channel broadcasting free-to-air on the Freeview platform since Sky Sports News was pulled in 2010.

Motors TV is on Freeview channel 71, but viewers need a Freeview HD certified box or TV to receive it.

A Freeview HD certified box or TV is required as the Motors TV signal is being broadcast on the same digital multiplex of channels, using a newer codec used for Freeview HD, but also increasingly standard definition channels – which is why a Freeview HD certified device is needed for a standard definition service.

UK Freeview is NOT available in Spain.

Although many of the Freeview channels are available via Freesat, Motors TV via satellite requires a Sky “free to view” viewing card.

Apr 212014

How can I watch Freeview in Spain?

The simple answer is that you cannot watch freeview in Spain.

This is because you cannot receive the freeview signals in Spain.


Freeview is transmitted in the UK by the local TV transmitters and is received by a TV aerial.

The freeview transmissions from the TV transmitter masts simply do not reach Spain. In fact the freeview transmissions do not actual cover the UK 100% either!

The nearest freeview transmitter to Spain is in the Channel Islands. But again the transmission from this mast are simply not strong enough to reach Spain.

So you cannot receive freeview in Spain.

More information on freeview available here:


However, many of the channels on freeview are available on Freesat, which is available in Spain.

Freesat is transmitted from satellites and are received using a satellite dish. Freesat was designed to help in provide digital TV in the UK for areas that could not receive freeview signals.

More information on freeview available here:


Freeview is not the same as Freesat – a common misconception. Even by some satellite installers here in Spain do not know the difference and still to this day advertise freeview as being available in Spain.


Jul 212013

Sony says it is experiencing “a major technical issue” after many owners of its DVD recorders lost access to their Freeview TV channels.

Dozens of owners have written to the BBC to complain that a malfunctioning software update on Friday has caused their devices to stop receiving or recording Freeview.

Many complained about a lack of response from Sony customer support.

Sony said it was doing everything possible to solve the problem.

“A major technical issue has been flagged to our dedicated team. We will update you asap,” the Japanese firm tweeted back on Saturday in response to dozens of messages about the problem.

The company’s own support forums as well as other independent online sites were filled with complaints from irate users over the weekend.

Sony HXD recorders, such as the RDR-HXD870 model, which were updated Friday with the firmware 1.70 fix, seem to be affected by the issue.

“It may already have come to your attention that thousands of owners of Sony DVD units have completely lost all their access to Freeview channels,” Geoff Cheers, from Chorley, wrote to the BBC.

Graham Johnson, from Oxford, wrote: “There are thousands of people affected by this, many of whom, like me, have wasted hours today trying to retune and repair their machine. Many folks, it seems, have also been out and bought a new one.

“Sony’s Twitter feed and own technical support website are in meltdown with angry customers, and Sony themselves are conspicuous by their absence.”

On Sunday, a spokeswoman for Sony UK told the BBC: “We are aware of the issue and our engineers are doing everything to solve it.”