Feb 232014

Well, as per our previous post – – it was expected that the BeIN Sports channels would go “secure” on the 31st January 2014.

However, for whatever reason, these changes did not take place.

They will now take place on the 1st March 2014.

Going “secure” means that certain BeIN Sports channels will only be able to be watched when the cards are registered to an official JSC / BeIN receiver.

BeIN Sports have been announcing that the following channels will be lost if you do not register your receiver are:

BeIN HD 10
BeIN HD 11
BeIN HD 12
BeIN HD 13
BeIN HD 14
BeIN HD 15

YOur BeIN / JSC SPorts viewing card will have to be registered to a dedicated BeIN receiver, which are :

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Receivers – Humax IR3000 HD

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Receivers – Humax Free HD

Stocks of these receivers are low due to the high demand.
It is thought that these receiver will continue to work with any future BeIN Sports viewing cards.
Reports are that all “JSC Sports” branded viewing cards will cease to work after 31st May, and new BeIN Viewing cards will have to be used.


More information on the BeIn Sports channels and the receiver registration and their availability of the 3pm Saturday afternoon premier league kick offs available via this link.


More information as soon as we get it.
BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Channels

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera viewing cards

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Satellite Frequencies Badr 26 East and Nilesat 7 West

Live Football on BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera