May 212016

Channel Five HD has been added to the small number of UK TV channels on the Intelsat 907 satellite.

Intelsat 907 satellite is located at 27.5 West.

The UK TV channels on Intelsat 907 as provided by Arqiva, for back up purposed should their links to the Freeview masts in the UK fail.

Contrary to rumours, the UK TV channels on this satellite are nothing to do with the military, or the fact that it is to provide UK TV to Gibraltar. They are simply a back up for Freeview.

These UK TV channels on Intelsat 907 are encrypted (with BISS codes) and are not for public use.

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Jul 042015

When areas of southern Spain and Portugal lost access to the free to air signals carrying BBC and ITV due to the changes in satellite footprints caused by Astra replacing their old satellite with new satellites, some expats turned to the Intelsat 907 and BBC SATBACK system to continue to receive their UK TV channels.

Essentially the BBC SATBACK system is run by Arqiva and is there as an emergency back up should the links for the Freeview TV system in the UK fail. If there is a failure in the Freeview distribution network, then the main UK TV channels can still be transmitted on Freeview by using these satellite feeds instead.
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Sep 212014

BBC Satback Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west – reception problems?

On Sunday 21st September, signals from the BBC Satback satellite Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west were fluctuating wildly.

For around 30-50 minutes there were no signals from this satellite.

And when they returned signal levels were still fluctuating.

This will be a small cause for concern for some expats on the Costa del Sol and Portugal areas who want their UK TV – and who have invested in this system.

Was this just a temporary glitch? Or is this something else – like changes in the Biss code key encryption?