May 212016

Channel Five HD has been added to the small number of UK TV channels on the Intelsat 907 satellite.

Intelsat 907 satellite is located at 27.5 West.

The UK TV channels on Intelsat 907 as provided by Arqiva, for back up purposed should their links to the Freeview masts in the UK fail.

Contrary to rumours, the UK TV channels on this satellite are nothing to do with the military, or the fact that it is to provide UK TV to Gibraltar. They are simply a back up for Freeview.

These UK TV channels on Intelsat 907 are encrypted (with BISS codes) and are not for public use.

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Jul 042015

When areas of southern Spain and Portugal lost access to the free to air signals carrying BBC and ITV due to the changes in satellite footprints caused by Astra replacing their old satellite with new satellites, some expats turned to the Intelsat 907 and BBC SATBACK system to continue to receive their UK TV channels.

Essentially the BBC SATBACK system is run by Arqiva and is there as an emergency back up should the links for the Freeview TV system in the UK fail. If there is a failure in the Freeview distribution network, then the main UK TV channels can still be transmitted on Freeview by using these satellite feeds instead.
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Nov 262014

The BISS codes for the BBC Satback service on Intelsat 907 have changed again today.

What is unusual about this change is that it has only happened some two month after the previous BISS CODE key change for Intelsat 907.

Whereas previous BISS CODE key changes for Intelsat 907 have been after 4 or 6 months.

Does this mean that he operators of the Intelsat 907 BBC Satback service are going to be more proactive in trying to keep their service more secure, with more regular BISS Code changes?

Oct 172014

The BBC Satback service, operated by Arqiva on the Intelsat 907 satellite at 27.5 west is there for back up to the UK Freeview service.
BBC Satback operates a limited amount of UK TV channels, BCB1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, ITV1 and C4.
The BBC Satback service is encrypted and is not for public use.

But since the change of the main UK TV channels to the new Astra 2E and Astra 2F satellites, meaning a loss of these channels in some areas of southern Spain and Portugal, some installers have been installing systems to enable reception of these channels on BBC Satback. Access to BBC Satback involves hacking into the system, using code keys from the internet, to access the BISS encrypted channels.

Apparently Arqiva are aware of this and they, and the broadcasters, are not thought to be pleased about their encrypted service being hacked and used for watching UK TV in areas that the broadcasters are not intended.

There have always been rumours that the BBC Satback service would either change their encryption to a more secure encryption or cease operations altogether.

Well the current rumour, supposedly form someone at Arqiva, suggests that changes may happen before Christmas.

So we shall have to wait and see….

Sep 232014

“BBC Satback” users…mainly in the south of Spain and Portugal who use this service for a limited UK TV channels.

You will have lost your channels for the moment, as there was a key change at about 14:10 today.

So you will have to wait until the keys are known again before you can view your channels again on this system.

BBC Satback Biss Codes

Jun 052014

Today the BISS Keys for the BBC SATBACK service on Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west changed.

This meant the loss of UK TV channels for expats in Portugal and South of Spain using this systems, until the new codes are known and input into their receiver.



Interestingly this code change comes only 4 months after the last key change. In the past code changes have been around 6 months. It may be these code changes start to happen on a more regular basis as the service owners become more aware of people hacking into their systems.

Feb 272014

As we have mentioned before in a previous post ( )

some “installers” in Spain and Portugal have been persuading clients to install a satellite system that involves the illegal hacking into the encrypted signal.

This is to overcome the loss of BBC and ITV channels as a result of their recent migration to a new Astra satellite.

The “907 Scam”, as it has become known, relies on codes being made available to “unlock” these encrypted channels.

If you do not have the latest code, then you will not get any channels from this system.

Which can be expensive when some companies are charging up to 600 euros for this system and those codes are not known.

As long as the satellite installers mention this to you , that when codes change you can lose your feeds of UK TV from the Intelsat 907 satellite, then they are covered.

However, some satellite installers have not.

Which is why my inbox if full to day of people who have had this system installed by other companies asking ME why their channels are no longer working.

The answer is simple:

The codes used to unlock these channels were changed at 10am this morning.

You will have to wait until those codes are known, and input into your receive before you can use the system again…which could be hours, day or weeks….






Feb 192014

With the recent loss of BBC and ITV channels in southern most areas of Spain and Portugal, some installers are promoting and installing a “magic new satellite” for UK TV.

This “magic solution” is actually Intelsat 907, located at 27.5º west. It carries a small handful of BBC, ITV and C4 channels.

More about this service can be found at :

However, all is not as good as it seems.

The channels on this satellite are basically a back up in case of a failure of the UK Freeview distribution system

Unlike the more commonly used public and free to air BBC and ITV channels, the chanensl on Intelsat 907 are encrypted. The BISS encryption is regularly broken by hackers, and so allowing access to these channels. When the codes change, the new codes are posted on the internet within days. sometimes weeks may pass. But it can leave poeple who do not know the codes with no TV. Again. and a potentially large bill for a system that can leave them with no UK TV as promised!

Some people who have had this system installed have expressed surprised when informed about the illegal hacking required to access these channels, and that their “installer” failed to tell them this. And they failed to be told that when the codes change there could be a delay of days or weeks until the new codes are known.


Jul 192013

If you are using the encrypted signals on Intelsat 907 to watch UK TV (see ) , then you may have lost the channels.

This is because the BISS codes that you have been using to hack erm unlock into these encrypted channels has changed today.

So you will have to wait until the new BISS key codes for the BBC SATBACK service on Intelsat 907 at 27.5W are made available again before you can watch these encrypted channels.

Just one small “issue” some retailers of this system do not tell their clients may happen….





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