Sep 152014

Premier League in anti-piracy drive

The English Premier League has signed a new partnership with media protection company Irdeto in the latest move by the top division of English football to protect its intellectual property.

Irdeto will work with the Premier League in a number of areas, including a specific programme to investigate the illegal supply of set-top boxes that allow commercial organisations – including pubs and bars in the UK and overseas – to receive illegal streams of Premier League matches.

The League said the intelligence that Irdeto will provide will enhance its ability to obtain the evidence required to take legal action against suppliers of systems that allow illegal broadcasting of games.

The partnership will also allow the League, working closely with law enforcement organisations worldwide, to pursue actions against the criminal networks that are involved in the distribution of these illegal services.

The Premier League said Irdeto’s international presence will bring a “new dimension” to its anti-piracy work by allowing the League to target illegal suppliers in countries other than the UK.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore added: “It is only through legitimate investment in our broadcasting rights that we can put on a high quality football competition, and support and invest in all levels of English football and beyond.

“Piracy threatens that model and we are confident that our partnership with Irdeto – who have a proven track record in this area – will allow us to evolve and improve the way we guard against that threat for years to come.”