Dec 162016

Planet Earth II tops BBC iPlayer list

Planet Earth II has been named the most requested show on the BBC iPlayer, according to new data showing what users have been requesting during the past year.

The first episode of Planet Earth II was requested more than 3.8 million times, helping 2016 to become the biggest year ever for the on-demand service. October and November saw the highest average number of daily requests that the iPlayer has ever seen, with 11.7 million requests per month, with the Great British Bake Off and The Apprentice also helping increase requests.
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Dec 092015

Consumers who subscribe to TV, sports and film services – from Sky Sports to Netflix – will be able to access them when they travel within Europe under proposed new EU rules.

Under the proposals, part of the European Commissions’s digital single-market strategy, Europeans will be able to access every media service they subscribe to in their home country while “temporarily abroad”.

The rules give freedom to roam during a ‘temporary’ residence in another EU country, to prevent people from exploiting national boundaries to access cheaper content on a permanent basis.
The EC’s proposals rather vaguely define the time period a consumer can access their subscriptions as while they are “temporarily abroad”.

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Jul 062015

A new UK TV Licence deal will close the “catch-up loophole” and BBC to take over the cost of over 75s “free Licence”

Responding to a question about the so-called “iPlayer loophole”, which allows viewers to watch TV programmes without a licence, the Culture Secretary John Whittingdale said that Government had agreed that catch-up TV would in the future be treated the same way as viewing live TV in legislation. Full details about how this would be implemented remain to be seen.

It has been suggested that a digital licence could be introduced for those who only want to watch catch-up TV.

There was no implication that current licence fee holders would be forced to pay twice – it is thought they would simply be given a code letting them access the service.
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Jan 072015

BBC Top Gear tops Christmas Iplayer Downloads

Top Gear toppled Doctor Who from the top of the BBC’s iPlayer Christmas charts as on-demand viewing continued to boom, up 25% year on year.

There were more than 2m requests to view the first part of Top Gear’s controversial Patagonia special, broadcast on BBC2 on 27 December.

There were another 1.5m requests for the second half of the Top Gear special on iPlayer which aired on BBC2 a day later.

Doctor Who, which topped the festive iPlayer charts for the last two years, slipped to ninth spot with 1m requests during a nine-day period over Christmas, according to figures published by the BBC on Wednesday. It echoed the drop in the TV audience for the Doctor Who Christmas special, which fell to 8.3 million from 11.1 million viewers in 2013, the biggest drop of any of the most popular Christmas Day shows.

Christmas week on the iPlayer – top 20 programmes – iPlayer requests, 22 to 30 December 2014

1 Top Gear Patagonia Special, Part 1, 2.08 million

2 EastEnders, Christmas Day, 1.69 million

3 Top Gear, Patagonia Special, Part 2, 1.55 million

4 EastEnders, Boxing Day, 1.43 million

5 The Apprentice final, 21 December, 1.31 million

6 Miranda, Christmas Day, 1.26 million

7 EastEnders, 23 December, 1.15 million

8 EastEnders, 24 December, 1.11 million

9 Doctor Who, Christmas Day, 1.07 million

10 The Boy In The Dress, Boxing Day, 1.06 million

11 EastEnders, 22 December, 1.06 million

12 Mrs Brown’s Boys, Christmas Day, 976,900

13 EastEnders, 29 December, 971,800

14 Call The Midwife, Christmas Day, 948,800

15 The Wrong Mans, part 1, 22 December, 655,000

16 EastEnders, 30 December, 643,300

17 Not Going Out, 24 December, 494,900

18 Gangsta Granny, 30 December, 488,100

19 Match of the Day, Boxing Day, 470,900

20 The Wrong Mans, part 2, 23 December, 454,500

Mar 212014

The BBC plans to increase the seven-day viewing period for iPlayer to 30 days as standard, according to Dan Taylor, head of iPlayer.

It also plans to introduce new channels and a Radio 1 video version and is looking to test auto play.

Taylor, who was speaking in a keynote entitled The Future of Connected Entertainment and subsequently in a panel discussion at TV Connect, said that the new version of iPlayer, which went live only a week ago following a huge amount of user testing, has already had positive feedback, with viewers saying they were discovering programmes they would not have previously planned to see.

The new version of iPlayer had been created with multiscreen in mind, with its main focus being to make it easier to use for viewers.

Jan 292014

Well people may not like Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear (new series starts this Sunday), but it was the most popular download on the BBC IPlayer last year.

Top BBC iPlayer programmes, 2013

1 Top Gear: series 19, Africa Special, part 1 – 3,422,000

2 Top Gear: series 19, episode 1 – 3,220,000

3 Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor – 3,144,000

4 Bad Education: series 2, episode 1 – 2,907,000

5 Top Gear: series 19, Africa Special, part 2 – 2,764,000

6 Top Gear: series 20, episode 1 – 2,649,000

7 Top Gear: series 19, episode 2 – 2,625,000

8 Africa: episode 1 – 2,617,000

9 Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John – 2,610,000

10 Madagascar – 2,417,000

11 Miranda: series 3, episode 2 – 2,406,000

12 The Voice UK: series 2, episode 1 – 2,379,000

13 Bad Education: series 2, episode 2 – 2,359,000

14 Top Gear: series 20, episode 2 – 2,322,000

15 Top Gear: series 20, episode 4 – 2,311,000

16 Miranda: series 3, episode 3 – 2,304,000

17 Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten 2,289,000

18 Top Gear: series 20, episode 5 – 2,260,000

19 Top Gear: series 19, episode 5 – 2,226,000

20 Top Gear: series 19 episode 4 – 2,224,000

Jul 012013

Catch-up or on-demand TV services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player now account for a fifth of TV viewing in the UK, according to a survey by YouGov for YouView. In a typical week, the average Brit claims to record just under nine hours of TV and spends around six hours watching TV on-demand. Among 18-24s this rises to nine hours and 20 minutes of on-demand viewing, which is just under a third of their weekly TV.
While three quarters (77%) of those questioned still use their main TV the most, the average home now has four different devices (including their main TV) on which they can watch TV, which is just over double the number they had five years ago. This rises to an average of six devices for the 18-24 year olds. The study of more than 2,000 people, carried out to mark on-demand TV service YouView’s first anniversary, also found that over half of consumers (57%) use their computer to watch television content, 14 percent do so through a games console and 25 percent access TV on a tablet.

Spending on subscription TV services has also increased by around 40 percent in five years, with the average household monthly payment now GBP 29.89. Nearly a quarter (23%) spend more than GBP 50 per month.