Aug 262013

The following image is being used by one retailer of IPTV systems, and basically using scare tactics and incorrect information about the potential loss of UK TV in Europe into pressuring people into buying their product.

Their image shows Europe, and a signal footprint for the new UK TV satellite, Astra 2E, scheduled for launch on the 15th September, and to be operational later in the year.

Their image sayings that any people in the RED area will not be able to receive any UK TV signals, specifically BBC ITV C4 and Fives, from this new satellite.


The map they have used is an SES Astra predicted signal footprint map showing the predicted coverage where a 45cm and 60cm satellite dish is expected to receive those signals. The inner blue area on the map is the expected area of reception for a satellite dish of 45cm. The outer blue area on the map is the expected area of reception for a satellite dish of 60cm.

See the original Astra 2E signal footprint reception map here:

The map simply does not show what size dish will be required for many people in those RED areas.

Their suggestion that anyone living in a RED area will not get any signals for these UK TV channels is incorrect.

They are ignoring what the map they have used actually shows, which is the predicted reception for users with a 45cm and 60cm dish. The map does not say anything at all about reception in other areas of Europe, with people using larger dishes.

This “promotional pack” is saying that ANYONE living in the red area will lose the BBC ITV C4 and Five channels, ignoring the fact that a) no-one will know what reception of the new satellite will be like until it is launched and operational, and b) how they are misrepresenting what the map is actually showing for their own gain.

And this map is the same map for the first new satellite, Astra 2F, which can be received in most areas of Spain. For example in the Valencia area, this satellite can be received on a 1m satellite dish, which does disprove this maps reception inside the RED area!


This is just another example of many of how deceitful some IPTV and Internet TV sellers can be, into scaring people into buying a system that they may not need.

I wonder if Trading Standards in the UK, where the company that issues this advertisement says it is registered, can do anything about such misleading and false advertising….

Remember, if and when the new satellite does come into operation, and you are in an area that can receive the satellite signals, then you are best to invest in a satellite TV system rather than an IPTV systems. Especially so if you want image quality and high definition images for live UK TV. Many of these IPTV / Internet tv services offer low quality low resolutions for their live UK TV services, sometimes with a resolution as low as 400. Normal TV has a resolution of 576, and high definition has a resolution of 1080. Thus you can see that these systems, although they may sounds good, simply do not offer the image quality that can be offered by direct from satellite TV systems.

See examples of the image quality offered by IPTV / Internet TV systems for live UK TV channels here: