Feb 272015

Two ITV1 regional variations have been removed from satellite.
This appears to be part of ITV streamlining its ITV1 regions. ITV Central South and ITV Central South West ceased transmitting earlier this week.

Users of Sky and Freesat receiver will have been automatically switched over to a new ITV1 regional variation.

Users of other satellite receivers (such as GI, GI Mini, Iberosat, Ariva) will have to locate another ITV1 region to use instead.


Note : some installers say that receivers like the GI Mini, Iberosat, Ariva are Freesat receivers, and sell them as Freesat receivers. They are not Freesat receivers, as they do not have the Freesat logo, nor do they have the Freesat software. They are, however, able to receive the same channels as offered on Freesat.