Mar 102017

FA Cup 6th Round (Quarter Finals) Fixtures and TV Coverage

Saturday 11 March 2017

12:15 Middlesbrough VS Manchester City
Live on BT Sport Two
Live on Teledeporte (Spanish TV)

17:30 Arsenal VS Lincoln City
Live on BT Sport Two

Sunday 12 March 2017

14:00 Tottenham Hotspur VS Millwall
Live on BBC One
Live on Teledeporte (Spanish TV)

Monday 13 March 2017

19:45 Chelsea VS Manchester United
Live on BBC One
Live on Teledeporte (Spanish TV)

Oct 142016

Sky Sports and BT Sport Christmas and New Year Premier League schedule

Sky Sports and BT Sports have released their live Premier League football matches for the December and January period.

However, Jürgen Klopp has expressed bewilderment at Liverpool’s new-year fixture schedule and claimed the demands of two Premier League games in less than 46 hours explains why England routinely fail at international tournaments.  Continue reading »

Aug 022015

Football League Tonight
Channel 5
Starts August 8

Channel Five is the new home for the Championship Football League and League Cup highlights.

The highlights show will be on Saturdays at 9pm, and promises to show all goals from all matches in the football league.

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Jul 032015

BT Sports announce first batch of live Premier League matches for the new season

Manchester United and Tottenham will kick off the new Premier League season, it has been revealed.

United’s first game of the season against Spurs on August 8 will be shown live on BT Sport at 12:45pm on the opening weekend after Sky Sports opted to show other games.
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Jul 032015

Sky Sports announce first batch of live Premier League matches for the new season


Sky Sports will show every team live by the end of September 2015.

The two broadcasters (Sky and BT) will pay an average of £6.5m per game: an average that will rise next season to more than £10m per game following the landmark £5.14bn TV deal that was announced in February.

Sat 8: Chelsea v Swansea City (5.30pm)
Sun, Aug 9: Arsenal v West Ham United (1.30pm)
Sun, Aug 9: Stoke City v Liverpool (4pm)
Aug 10: West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City (8pm)

Sky Sports’ live Premier League fixtures:


Sat 8: Chelsea v Swansea City (5.30pm)

Sun 9: Arsenal v West Ham United (1.30pm)

Sun 9: Stoke City v Liverpool (4pm)

Mon 10: West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City (8pm)

Fri 14: Aston Villa v Manchester United (7.45pm)

Sun 16: Crystal Palace v Arsenal (1.30pm)

Sun 16: Manchester City v Chelsea (4pm)

Mon 17: Liverpool v Bournemouth (8pm)

Sun 23: West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea (1.30pm)

Sun 23: Everton v Manchester City (4pm)

Mon 24: Arsenal v Liverpool (8pm)

Sat 29: Tottenham Hotspur v Everton (5.30pm)

Sun 30: Southampton v Norwich City (1.30pm)

Sun 30: Swansea City v Manchester United (4pm)


Sat 12: Manchester United v Liverpool (5.30pm)

Sun 13: Sunderland v Tottenham Hotspur (1.30pm)

Sun 13: Leicester City v Aston Villa (4pm)

Mon 14: West Ham United v Newcastle United (8pm)

Sat 19: Manchester City v West Ham United (5.30pm)

Sun 20: Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace (1.30pm)

Sun 20: Southampton v Manchester United (4pm)

Sat 26: Newcastle United v Chelsea (5.30pm)

Sun 27: Watford v Crystal Palace (4pm)

Mon 28: West Bromwich Albion v Everton (8pm)

Oct 162014

The Premier League may give up yet more of their traditional Saturday 3pm kick-offs to satisfy bidders in the next TV rights tender.

They will want to keep both Sky and BT happy with the next three-year agreement from the 2016-17 season, with the packages on offer expected to be launched around the new year.

BT Sport, who have taken the Champions League from Sky, will want at least three packages out of the current seven, and Sky cannot afford to lose any Premier League football.

So one option being looked at by the league and mooted in ongoing talks with broadcast partners is increasing the number of live matches to be sold. That went up from 138 to 154 in the last auction but is still less than half the 380 games in a PL season.

An extra Sunday night slot — like Spain’s La Liga — could be shoehorned into the TV schedule to give BT the opportunity to screen more games, while Sky would at least retain their current share.


Aug 162014
Looks like BeIN are trying their best to satisfy the Premier League, and restricting English Premier League matches from their streaming service.
This means that IPTV systems, like mag250 and android / Costasmart TV / Brit TV Boxes, that take these feeds (usually for free) and then use them on their systems (for a charge),  will not be able to view English Premier League matches from BeIN Sports on their little Android tv boxes.
It also looks like this “rights card” is also being displayed on many of the systems used by the paid for mag250 systems also.

Many users are seeing the following on some of their streams when trying to watch BeIN Sports.

Hopefully by blocking them on the internet, then they can revert back to a full match choice of 3pm kick offs in full HD via satellite.
“IPTV is the future” they say – well it is if you want to watch a “rights restrictions” card!





If you want to watch English Premier League matches, live and in FULL HD then you need an official BeIN Sports viewing card and receiver :

Aug 102014

Sky Sports Promo 2014 Premier League Opening Weekend

Trailer for the new season of Sky Sports coverage of the 2014/15 Premier League.

Coverage on Sky Sports, BT Sports, Canal+, and BeIN Sports

Available in HD ONLY on satellite! You will not get HD on an internet TV system! So if you want ot actually see the ball, watch in HD on satellite TV!

More information :

Football on Sky Sports :

Premier League TV fixtures:

Premier League Fixtures 2014/15

Jul 202014

Sky Sports Premier League Football Trailer 2014/15
More of the games that matter

July 2014 Trailer for the new season of Sky Sports coverage of the 2014/15 Premier League.

Coverage on Sky Sports, BT Sports, Canal+, and BeIN Sports

More information :

Football on Sky Sports :

Premier League TV fixtures:

Premier League Fixtures 2014/15

Apr 182014

Sky Sports Closest Season Trailer 2014

The race for the Premier League Title comes closer in April, with Sky Sports showing live matches.

BeIN SPorts and Canal+ Spain will also show many live matches.

Jan 242014

Pubs in Cardiff and Swansea suspected of showing Premier League football matches illegally using foreign satellites face prosecution, BBC Wales has learned.

In the last four months the Premier League’s private investigation firm has visited nearly 200 pubs in south Wales.

The League is planning to bring up to 100 prosecutions across Wales and England this season.

The first will be against The Rhyddings Hotel in Brynmill, Swansea, shortly.

Many south Wales pubs have subscriptions with foreign channels and show Cardiff City and Swansea City’s 15:00 GMT Saturday Premier League kick-offs.

These games are unavailable on the Premier League’s authorised UK broadcasters – Sky Sports and BT Sport – at the kick-off time.

By showing the foreign channels, the Premier League believes pubs are probably breaking copyright law.

In 2011 Karen Murphy, a Portsmouth pub landlady, won a court case against the Premier League.

The ruling effectively proved it is legal to buy a TV subscription from anywhere in the EU.

However, when a pub or club uses such a subscription to show Premier League football matches, it is breaking copyright law if the League’s logo is shown in on-screen graphics, or if the League’s anthem is heard before kick-off or at half time.

Tom Richards, a barrister specialising in copyright law, said it was unlikely a pub could screen the games without breaching Premier League copyright.

“The Premier League owns the copyright in its logo, in its anthem and in other bits of sound recording and artwork which are superimposed on any feed of a Premier League match,” he said.

“If you play those in a pub without the Premier League’s consent that’s copyright infringement in the law of copyright.

“Technically speaking, there is a loophole.

“If you could separate out the copyrighted content, such as the Premier League logo, from the match footage, then in theory you wouldn’t be infringing copyright.


Nov 092013

A man who streamed English Premier League matches live across the internet has been jailed for a couple of years by the Sheffield Crown Court. The fellow, named Kevin Broughton, apparently got a little greedy as he was charging viewers up to £29.99 for a season to watch the matches online. This isn’t a bad little earner when you consider he had about 10,000 customers. This works out to a cool £299,000 a year .

The games he streamed originated from Sky and of course this is a no-no since the television company has the exclusive rights to show the matches. The Premier League found out about Broughton’s illegal activities and filed an official complaint with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) back in January of 2012.

The organization looked into the matter as did the East Midlands Police and this spelled bad news for the 30-year-old Broughton and he ended up facing various fraud-related charges. Investigators found he had been stashing the subscription money in an offshore bank account down in Belize.

FACT said criminals are running profitable and sophisticated illegal online operations and stated, “We continue to work to protect our members’ intellectual property and to ensure that they can continue to invest in exciting new ways to watch sports, films and television programs.”

Aug 142013

Advert for BT Sport, promoting their first live FA Premier League football game this Saturday 17th August

Live football on Satellite TV:

BT Sports satellite Frequencies:

Jul 262013

English Premier League : Al Jazeera Sport Channel 2013

Al Jazeera Sport has won the broadcast rights to show all 380 English Premier League football matches for the next three seasons, taking over from AD Sports.

You can watch the English Premier League on Al Jazeera Sport in Spain on an 80cm or 1m satellite dish, and with an Al Jazeera viewing card and compatible satellite receiver.

For more information see:

Jul 172013

BBC win back FA Cup rights in shared deal with BT Sport

The FA Cup on BBC and BT Sports

The BBC and BT Sport have won a four-year rights deal for coverage of the FA Cup.

From 2014, the most romantic club competition in world football will be back on free-to-air on BBC One and BT Sport, which is free for BT broadband users.

ITV, which has held the rights to FA Cup coverage since 2008, will no longer be involved in broadcasting the tournament.

The BBC has secured a four-year shared rights deal with BT Sport that will see both broadcasters show the FA Cup from the start of the 2014-15 season.

Up to 25 exclusively live FA Cup matches will be shown on BT Sport from 2014 including the final, which will be shared with the BBC. The deal also includes the FA Community Shield and FA Trophy.

Reports are that the BBC will show 14 matches, which may means 2 games for each of rounds 1 to 6, one semi final and the final.”, and the BBC will have first pick of the best matches in each round.