Dec 112012

If you were listening to talkradioeurope this afternoon, you will have heard their satellite tv expert say the following:


15.28: apparently “more 4” moved satellites last week with the “fives, C4HD and 4seven”, and “all bbc itvs c4 and subsidiary channels will be lost in Spain on the 16th December.”

More4 did not move. There is no evidence from anyone about this loss of all BBC ITV C4s on the 16th December – see


1533 : expert says “Barcelona is getting the new 2F signal on a 1m dish” and “the further south you need now need a bigger dish”.

This is totally contradictory to all the reception reports!


15:41 : “all sky pay channels will not be affected by these changes”

Wrong. Over the course of the next two year, and two further new satellites, most free and Sky channels will be affected.


15:43 : “The 2F sky signal is effectively cut off at Madrid for BBC ITV”.

This is totally contradictory to all the reception reports!


15:46 : “The loss of BBC ITV Fives signals in south Spain are all down to the publandlady showing football in her pub.”, “karen murphy did start the problem”

Nothing to do with her at all.


15:46 “hopefully Murdoch will see there is money to be made by getting these signals back to Spain on subscription!”

Loss of BBC ITV C4 and Five channels is nothing to do with Sky / Murdoch at all.


15:50: “The BBC are trying to save money, and pay a premium to be on the EPG, so by moving satellites they dont have to pay this!”

Nope. Wrong. They will still have to pay to be on the Sky and Freesat EPG.


And he mentined that changes would be made to Astra 1F, which has not and does not even carry UK TV channels!

Apart from saying “things are changing” most of what was said was incorrect, or pure speculation.

I dont know whether to laugh or cry