Jan 302017

Sky prepare for loss of Discovery channels

Sky have made preparations for the loss of the Discovery TV Group of channels…

Contract negotiations between Sky and Discovery have meant the potential loss of 12 channels operated by Discovery from the Sky TV package. (More information here )

The loss of channesl is expect to happen on the 1st February 2017, unless a last minute deal can be reached.

In the meantime, Sky has prepared a “generic” screen, informing customers that the channels are no longer available on Sky TV packages, which will “go live” on the 1st February 2017.


May 282015

There have been reports that one of the old UK TV satellites, Eutelsat 28A, is operating on very low power levels.

This low power has affected reception of some Sky and Freesat channels on the Eutelsat 28A satellite.

Over the past week, reception problems occurred on some Sky and Freesat channels, including ESPN HD, CBS Reality, Bonanza Bonanza and Bloomberg.

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Sep 262014

In the next few weeks it will be “solar outage” time again.

Twice a year, the sun, UK TV satellites and the earth are in alignment. This happens around March and October time, around the time of the spring and autumn equinoxes.

When this happens, and the sun passes directly behind the UK TV satellites, there can be a loss of some of the weaker satellite signals. This is because the suns energy “swamps” the signals from the satellites.

This happens at around 1030-1100, and can at its peak, last for about 15 minutes.

It will cause a loss of the weaker signals on the Uk beams of Astra 2E and Astra 2F, and will result in a loss of some BBC ITV C4 and Five channels.

On the flip side of the day, at around 2230-2300, the satellites are in the shadow of the earth. This loss of solar power results in the satellites swapping to their on board batteries, again resulting in a small drop in power to the satellite and slightly weaker signals for people in fringe reception areas.

The outage in the mornings can actually be useful. When the outage happens, the dish is aligned to the satellites and the sun. You can use this time to check to see if there are any shadows from obstructions on the dish. Overhanging trees, branches etc can reduce the signals, and so using the shadows at that time you can identify what could cause a drop in your satellite dishes performance.

May 162014

Over the last week or so a number of posts on satellite forums have reported weaker signals from the Astra 2E satellites UK spot beam.

This UK beam carries the majority of the BBC and ITV channels.

Reception in the UK is not affected, but in some areas of Europe, some people have noticed a lot more “pixilation” or loss of some of the BBC and ITV channels recently.

Some of these people are living in areas where the satellite dish they have is “on the edge” and so any changes in signal would be more noticeable. Just one of the problems of going for the smallest dish possible and not a larger dish that allows for that little bit more leeway if the signals change.

Various theories about this recent change in signals have been banded around.

Satellites do have a tendency to “move” around in space – they are not always in the exact same place. So every so often the satellites have to fire up their positioning thrusters to perform some “station keeping”, moving the satellite back into its correct place. This will have an effect on the signal footprint back on earth.

We are moving into summer. Heat and humidity can cause problems for satellite signals. IN areas where the signals is already weak, loss of more signals due to heat and humidity can cause a loss of channels.

Mar 032013

If you lose channels for the next 2 weeks at around 10-11 am for a few minutes then this is normal for this time of year.

Basically the sun is right behind the satellites, and the energy from the sun will swamp out the weaker satellite signals.

There is nothing you can do about it, as it can even affect “big dishes” also.

Rebooting the box will not help – apart from killing time until the signal returns again

It does not happen on ALL channels, as some are stronger than others.

This loss of signal happens twice a year in March and October – around the time of the equinoxes.

Jan 232013

New UK TV Satellite News:

It appears that some of the Sky PAY channels are in the process of moving from their old satellite to their new satellite.

It has been reported today some Sky PAY channels may have moved from their old satellite (Astra 2a and 2B) to their new satellite, Astra 2F.

Reports suggest that some channels have moved to the new “European beam” on 2F.

We know something is happening as people in the “extreme fringe reception areas” are reporting a loss of channels today, in areas like the Canary Islands.


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