Dec 212014

Spain will get five new Spanish TV channels in 2015.

The Spanish government has confirmed that they will be awarding Spanish TV licences for four new HD and one new SD channels in 2015.
Currently, there are 15 national digital TV channels in Spain:
Six operated by Mediaset (Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Divinity, Energy and Boing);
Five by Atresmedia (Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova and Gol TV);
Two from Veo TV rented to Discovery Max and 13 TV;
Two from Net TV rented to Disney Channel and Paramount Channel.

Dec 212014

Spanish TV is due for a few changes in the next few months.

Several Spanish TV channels, that you receive via a TV aerial, are schedule to change frequencies.

This is due to their current frequencies due to be sold off to mobile phone operators for 3G and 4G.


The deadline for his change over was the 31st De3cember 2014.

However, The Spanish government has bowed to the pressure of the industry to delay the switch off until March 31st 2015

For most people, the changes to Spanish TV will simply mean performing a rescan for channels on their set top box or TV

However, those in apartment blocks or communities will have to wait until their “signal head end” is adapted to the new frequencies.

This new delay is due to the fact that by October 2014 less than 10%, and estimates for December 2014 say less than 50%, of buildings in Spain have been adapted for the new Spanish TV frequencies.

Spanish TV channels will continue to be “simulacast” on both old and new frequencies until the new deadline.


Jun 042013

According to reports, ITV are having “technical difficulties” with some of their transmissions.

This has resulted in the loss of some of their ITV1, and ITV1HD channels.

This is also affecting viewers in the UK .


Message from ITV:

Thousands of TV viewers across the country have had their TV reception affected by a technical problem this evening. The technical fault occurred around 6.20pm and appears to have affected homes in every TV region apart from London and ITV Granada.

The problem affecting the standard definition services which normally run on channel 103 on BSkyB. ITV services on high definition (HD) on Sky channel 178 appear to be working normally . FreeSat is affected too – Freeview services are working normally.

Technicians at the transmission centres are working to restore normal services. You can also see ITV on Sky 973 – and on FreeSat on channel 977 for ITV SD and channel 119 for HD.

Update2 – 2200:
All ITV1 regions are now back on satellite.
“Following technical problems at our service provider Arqiva, Dsat viewers had some transmission problems. Normal service is now restored”