Dec 142015

There have today been changed for Channel Five on satellite.

As we reported a few weeks ago –

Channel Five used to operate a number of different regional variations of Channel Five for different advertising in different regions of the UK. These advertising differences were stopped during mid 2015. And today there is now only one version, not the 5 regional versions, of Channel Five operating.

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Jun 292015

This morning the remaining channels on Eutelsat 28A were moved to the new Astra 2G satellite.

The channels were previously on a “European beam” with easy to receive coverage over most of Europe.
With their move to Astra 2, they have been placed on the UK spot beam, meaning some viewers in southern Europe may have lost these channels as their dish is not large enough to receive them on their new beam.

There is no indication as to whether this move to the UK beam is a temporary or permanent move.
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Jun 042014

Next batch of Sky HD channels lost on cardshare systems

Further to the last post on this subject ( ), yesterday another round of Sky HD channels are no longer available on cardsharing systems.

Sky Movies Family HD
Sky Movies Showcase HD
Sky Movies Drama HD
Sky Movies Thriller HD
Sky Movies Greats HD
Sky Movies Select HD

The current list of Sky HD channels no longer available on cardshare system is:
Sky 1 HD
Sky living HD
Sky Atlantic HD
History HD
Crime HD
National Geographic UK HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
Sky Premier HD
Sky Sci Fi / Horror HD
Sky Disney HD
Sky Family HD
Sky Showcase HD
Sky Drama HD
Sky Thriller HD
Sky Greats HD
Sky Select HD

Expect more in the coming weeks, maybe the Sky Sports HD channels are next…