Mar 232014

Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Software v1.2.6 released

Manhattan have released a software update for their Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat+HD model.

The update is recommended for all and includes assorted core stability and recording fixes as well as a number of software enhancements. It is important to note that due to the changes in this release, a factory default is required after updating. Recordings will not be lost but favourites, settings and scheduled recordings will.

v1.26 Enhancements
– When playback of a recording is completed, the user is returned to the library with the recording selected, rather than back to the top of the library
– When watching a recording, pressing the BACK or LIB button returns to the currently playing recording in the library
– Changed Step 2/5 in first time installation to show both tuners signal. Also a warning popup is displayed if no signal is detected on LNB IN 2 and you proceed with the installation
– Changed hard disk error warning prompt to make it clearer on how to recover the operation of the hard disk
– Series linked programmes only display in folders when there is more than one episode recorded

– Assorted recording and library fixes
– Failed recordings issue caused by box going into standby when a recording is imminent
– Random crash when a number of overlapping/conflicting recordings are scheduled
– Series recordings will always be made from the original channel the recording was made on
– Endless recordings
– Adding or removing of reminders in the Schedule
– Assorted core stability fixes

How to update to Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Software v1.2.6

Please note that the file below “” is a zip file and should not be placed directly on a USB stick. You must first unzip the contents. Using Windows, right click on the file and choose “Extract All”. On a Mac, just double click the file. The contents will be extracted to a folder with the name “Plaza_HDR-S_v1.2.6_update”. Open this folder and you will find a folder named ”update”. Copy this folder to your USB stick and then follow the included PDF upgrading instructions.

Download the Plaza HDR-S v1.2.6 software