Feb 272016

Motors TV is no longer available to access via the Sky Guide.

Motors TV

Previously available on Sky channel 447, the removal of the channel on Sky came without prior warning to viewers.

According to Sky, this “is a decision made by Motors TV not to show on our platform any more.”

Some have speculated that this is something to do with Sky’s EPG changes, or that Motors TV have sold their  EPG slot to another channel. With this in mind, Motors TV could return to Sky, but on a different channel number.

However, Motors TV is still broadcasting, and you can add it to your Sky digboxes other channels list using the Add Channels option in the services menu.

Motors TV Frequency.

11082 H
SR 22000
FEC 5/6

Note that the channel is still “free to view” and requires either a non-subscription “Free to View” / “Freesatfromsky”or subscription a sky viewing card to view.