Nov 202016

Motors TV is set to leave satellite TV in early 2017.

This is due to Motors TV being bought by Motorsport Network who plan to have the channel only available “online”.

This will also mean another channel leaving the “Freesat From Sky” non subscription viewing card service. With the rumours that another channel on this service (4music) is also going free to air, then with only one or two channels left on this “free to view” service it does beg the question of whether or not Sky will continue producing these cards…

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Jul 062016

Motors TV has ceased broadcasting in the UK

Motors TV was abruptly pulled from Sky and Virgin Media yesterday.

Motors TV has also ceased to be uplinked to the Astra 2G satellite, meaning there is no outlet for viewers in the British Isles.

Motors TV also operates a service in France, where it is still reported as being on-air, despite the parent company going into a safeguarding procedure, which has aspects similar to a Company Voluntary Agreement in the UK that gives the company time to restructure its debt with creditors while it continues trading.

Feb 272016

Motors TV is no longer available to access via the Sky Guide.

Motors TV

Previously available on Sky channel 447, the removal of the channel on Sky came without prior warning to viewers.

According to Sky, this “is a decision made by Motors TV not to show on our platform any more.”

Some have speculated that this is something to do with Sky’s EPG changes, or that Motors TV have sold their  EPG slot to another channel. With this in mind, Motors TV could return to Sky, but on a different channel number.

However, Motors TV is still broadcasting, and you can add it to your Sky digboxes other channels list using the Add Channels option in the services menu.

Motors TV Frequency.

11082 H
SR 22000
FEC 5/6

Note that the channel is still “free to view” and requires either a non-subscription “Free to View” / “Freesatfromsky”or subscription a sky viewing card to view.

Oct 092014

Motors TV has joined the line-up of Freeview, the terrestrial TV service in the UK.


Motors TV is the first dedicated sports channel broadcasting free-to-air on the Freeview platform since Sky Sports News was pulled in 2010.

Motors TV is on Freeview channel 71, but viewers need a Freeview HD certified box or TV to receive it.

A Freeview HD certified box or TV is required as the Motors TV signal is being broadcast on the same digital multiplex of channels, using a newer codec used for Freeview HD, but also increasingly standard definition channels – which is why a Freeview HD certified device is needed for a standard definition service.

UK Freeview is NOT available in Spain.

Although many of the Freeview channels are available via Freesat, Motors TV via satellite requires a Sky “free to view” viewing card.

Dec 162012

Television coverage of the 2012 Race Of Champions will be available via a range of outlets all over the world.

The 2012 Race Of Champions will be at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok.

Live coverage of ROC 2012 will be broadcast on networks including…

Motors TV (throughout Europe – including the UK – Sky channel 413)

MArca TV – on Spanish TDT

SAT1 (Germany)

Race Of Champions scheduled for Sunday 16 December.

Events will run from 20:00-23:00 local time in Bangkok (13:00-16:00 GMT).

Please check local listings for exact details of broadcast timings.