Jun 102015

Astra 2G Satellite : News Update : 10 June 2015 :
Astra 2G, the third and final new UK TV satellite is now slowly moving towards the UK TV slot at 28 east.
At the time of writing it is at 32 degrees east, and as it is moving at about 0.5 degrees a day, will be at 28 east by the 15th June.

Once in position, it is expected that channels on the aging and failing Eutelsat 28A will be moved to Astra 2G. Also some channels from the two other new satellites, Astra 2E and Astra 2F, will also move to Astra 2G.

Which channels, and onto what beam will not be known until they do move.

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Sep 212013

Time again to clarify some of more of the incorrect rumours and untruths about the future of satellite TV in Europe and about the so called “Big Switch Off” of UK TV in Spain.

Again, as mentioned before in my blogs ( ) , these “rumours” are coming from some (not all I hasten to add!) sellers of IPTV / Internet TV systems.

One such incorrect rumour that has been doing the rounds, and even spread on a Expat Radio Stations here in Spain, is that:

“All BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 TV channels etc. will disappear from the SKY platform at end of October beginning November. None of these channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite.”

This is incorrect.

a) BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 TV channels etc will not disappear from Sky – or Freesat.
These UKTV channels will still be on those Digital Satellite systems.
Why would these channels be removed from the most popular Digital TV services ?

b) “None of these channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite.”

This is incorrect.
They will reach Europe mainland via Satellite.
The beams may be more focused on the UK, but there will be satellite signal overspill into other areas, just like there has been signal overspill into Europe for the last 20 plus years

In fact, in some areas of Spain you can and should still be able to receive these UK TV channels (BBC1HD, ITV1HD, C4HD, Channel Five) on a 1m satellite dish from the first new satellite, Astra 2F, that has been operating since December 2012.

Also, the official SES Astra predicted signal footprint map (seen here ) for the new UK TV satellites says that its beams can be received in most of France on a 60cm dish.

Last time I checked France was in mainland Europe.
So in fact these channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite, contrary to what these IPTV / Internet TV sellers claim.

Some IPTV / Internet TV sellers are confusing people by misrepresenting the aforementioned official SES Astra signal footprint map.


The map shows SES Astra’s prediction of their new satellites UK beam for users with a 45cm satellite dish and 60cm satellite dish. As you can see the Astra 2E satellites UK beam should be available to more than half of France if you are using a 60cm satellite dish.

However, some IPTV / Internet TV sellers are using this as a basis for their misrepresentations by saying anyone outside that “60cm satellite dish” contour will not be able to receive ANY signals at all. This is incorrect. Just because the map does not show data outside that 60cm dish contour, does not mean that no signals will be available in those areas.

The map shows no data for people in other areas using larger dishes, simply because either Astra do not know themselves, or they simply have decided not to publish that information. There will be signal overspill into areas not covered by the contours on the map.

In fact, this Astra 2E map is exactly the same map used for Astra 2F. And like I said before, many areas of Spain can receive this Astra 2F signal on a minimum 1m satellite dish – in areas where these IPTV / Internet TV / Smart TV sellers say it is impossible.

So you can see, even though the maps do not show any data about reception in Spain, it does not mean there will be no signals from the new satellite in Spain, as proven by the reception of the first new satellite, despite what some of the IPTV / Internet TV / Smart TV sellers are saying is fact.

Yes, some areas will be affected more than other areas. Some may find that they can still use smaller 1m and 1.25m and 1.4m satellite dishes in Spain for reception of their UK TV . Yes, some areas, like the Costa del Sol, may have to increase the size of their satellite dishes, and use 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dishes, just like the Costa Blanca has had to use for the last 10plus years.

Until the new Astra 2E satellite has been launched, expected around the 30th September 2013 ( ) , tested (which will take place at another location in the skies), positioned at 28 east along with the other UK TV satellites, and is transmitting signals from that location, no-one will know for sure what reception will be like in Spain, and Europe, or what sized satellite dishes you will need to receive these signals in Spain and Europe.

And it is this uncertainty that some Smart TV / IPTV / Internet TV “sellers” are trying to confuse and scaremonger people into buying system which they either

a) may not need as their existing satellite equipment may work perfectly well.


b) need to upgrade to a larger sized satellite dish that they currently have.

At least if you are in a good satellite signal area, then you will be able to watch your favourite BBC1, ITV1 C4 channels in full HD , subscription free, with no buffering, something which internet tv / iptv / Smart tv systems simply cannot handle at the moment.

Jul 242013

According to the rumour-mill, people living in Orba are being told by someone (ie probably someone who sells internet TV boxes) that they will lose ALL UK TV and Sky TV on the 7th August 2013.

And that the MUST buy their Smart TV internet TV IPTV box from them NOW to make sure they do not loose their UK TV.

Another incidence of scaremongering advertising, so a product that people may not actually need.

So here we go again:

You will not lose ALL UK TV.
You will not lose ALL Sky TV.
If anything does happen, it will not be in August, but much later this year.

Why buy a internet TV box when you do not even know if your satellite TV system will be affected?

Why buy a internet TV box which gives a much lower picture resolution when your satellite TV systems may still provide you with all the channels you want?

How does this person selling these boxes know what is going to happen in 6 months time? He’s got the date wrong for a start. But if he is that confident of what he says, ask him for this weeks winning lottery numbers!

We posted this a few months ago when the rumour mill went again into overdrive

Dec 192012

With all the recent gossip, rumours, and expat bar chat, about the possible loss of UK TV in Spain, and the threat of the UK satellite TV channels “going off the air in Spain”, I hope this quick question and answer post can help with some explanations about what is happening.


Why are we losing reception of out UK TV channels?

Loss of some ITV1 and ITV1 channels, C4HD, 4seven, Channel 5, Five USA and Five 8 from the 4th December 2012 is down to the fact that they moved to a new satellite, Astra 2F.

(see )

The beam for this new UK TV satellite is more focused on the Uk, and so its reception of the channels on this beam are worse than before.

If you have recently lost any other UK TV channels, then this i not as a result of this recently satellite movement.


Will I lose ALL my UK TV channels with this satellite change over?


The new satellites have a mix of UK only and European beams see

Channels on the UK beam you may find are harder to receive than before.

Channel on the European beams should see no changes in reception.


Why have these channels changed satellites?

Simply, the current Astra satellites are old and need replacing.

The satellite are old and after 12 years in service are coming to the end of their lifespan.


Will this change of satellite affect all of Spain?

Yes. But in some areas of Spain it has had less of an impact than in other areas of Spain.

For example, in the Valencia are, there has only been a very small drop in signal levels for the channels that have migrated to the new satellite.

In some northern areas of Spain like Catalonia and Barcelona, and southern areas like the Costa del Sol, reception of these channels on the new satellite has become worse.  This has meant that these channels are no longer available to on your current satellite dishes.

For Astra 2F Reception reports see


How do I get these lost channels back?

Simply, get a larger satellite dish.

Although, rather than jumping now and getting a larger satellite dish, it may be best to wait until the bulk of the main UK TV channels, BBC and ITV, move satellites, and gauge the required satellite dish size on their reception also.


When will the BBC channels move satellites?

The BBC has said that they will be moving their channels to the second new Astra satellite, Astra 2E. This will be launched sometime early to mid 2013.

See :


When will the ITV channels move satellites?

We are assuming they will move to the new satellites at the same time as the BBC channels.


Will this affect BBC HD channels also?

Yes. The move to the new satellite will affect all BBC channels.

See :


Will this affect Sky channels also?

Yes. Sky channels on Astra 1n, Astra 2a and Astra 2B will all be migrated over to the new satellites.

When and in what order is not known at the moment.


When will these changes take place?

These satellite changes have already started to take place, with the first new satellite Astra 2F. The second new satellite, Astra 2E is expected to be operational mid 2013. The final new satellites, Astra 2G, is expected to be operational mid 2014.


Why is Sky changing the footprint for BBC channels?

Sky is not doing anything to BBC channels. Sky does not own the satellites. Sky and all the other UK TV broadcasters rent frequencies from the satellite owners SES Astra.


I pay my UK TV License fee when I am in the UK, why can I not watch the BBC in Spain?

The UK License Fee is a UK tax on TV reception equipment in the UK.

The BBC, and all the other UK TV channels, have no obligation to provide services outside the UK. The only but programme rights for the UK only.

Spain has no TV licence fee.


Can I pay to watch BBC programmes via satellite in Spain?

BBC Worldwide, the commercial part of the BBC, provide a subscription service called BBC Entertainment. It is designed for the expats market. Although it shows content from BBC and Channel 4, not all content shown in the UK is available on this BBC Entertainment service.


EU law (Television without Frontiers) says I can watch UK TV anywhere in Europe?

No it does not.

It does say EU countries cannot block transmissions from other EU countries. But it does not say anything about allowing you to watch UK TV channels in other EU countries.

Television without Frontiers, or now the AVMS Directive, is simply guidelines as to how to govern and regulate TV around Europe.



Didn’t the EU recently say that I could watch Sky TV in Spain?

The recent “pub landlady” ruling, basically said that it is not criminally illegal to use Sky, or other viewing cards, outside their home territory. But the ruling also does not force any broadcaster make their viewing card available in other territories.



Updates and any other Q&A about these recent changes to reception of UK TV in Spain will be posted at :