Sep 292013

Mission Profile:
The Proton M launch vehicle, utilizing a 5-burn Breeze M mission design, will lift off from Pad 39 at Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, with the ASTRA 2E satellite on board. The first three stages of the Proton will use a standard ascent profile to place the orbital unit (Breeze M Upper Stage and the ASTRA 2E satellite) into a sub-orbital trajectory. From this point in the mission, the Breeze M will perform planned mission manoeuvres to advance the orbital unit first to a circular parking orbit, then to an intermediate orbit, followed by a transfer orbit, and finally to a geosynchronous transfer orbit. Separation of the ASTRA 2E satellite is scheduled to occur approximately 9 hours, 12 minutes after liftoff.
Target Orbit at Separation:
Perigee: 4,202 km
Apogee: 35,736 km
Inclination: 23.0 degrees
Spacecraft Separation:
Approximately 9 hours, 12 minutes after liftoff
ILS Mission Statistics:
_5th ILS Proton Launch in 2013
_82nd ILS Proton Launch Overall
_23rd SES Satellite Launched on ILS Proton
_17th Astrium Satellite Launched on Proton

You can watch the launch of Astra 2E live Astra 19 East, frequency 11.023MHz SR 22000, FEC 5/6, and will begin half an hour before the satellite launch.