Apr 202016

Some information for Kodi users, which may affect how they watch TV and Movies.

Popular addons UK Turk, NJM Soccer, and others have removed their add-ons after a malicious Kodi group has stolen their hard work.

Essentially, some groups are maliciously stealing the code from addons of genuine developers and passing it off as theirs, a lot of developers such as UKturks and Metal Kettle etc and more no doubt are either throwing the towel in or suspending their addons.

Update: More Kodi developers have taken their work offline! If you want these great add-ons back, we have to take a STAND as a Kodi community and let “Team Anonymous” scum know that they are not welcome.
Money Sports (@MONEYSPORTS_RH)
iVue TV Guide (@ivueguide)
Renegades TV Guide (@renegadestv)

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