Apr 172016

Seven people have been arrested in Spain for card sharing.

The arrests, in early April 2016, were made in several Spanish cities: Madrid, Terrasa, Toledo, Córdoba and Cuevas Bajas in Málaga.

The arrested people used card-sharing, where one of them legally subscribed to a pay-TV platform, and then gave illegal access to content from his subscription to many others using manipulated satellite receivers connected to the internet and their card sharing servers.

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Aug 022015

The Spanish government says it’s making headway in its battle against online piracy. In a report issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the government claims that illegal downloads are down, with 247 sites responding positively to copyright complaints and 31 shutting down completely.

For many years Spain was regarded as somewhat of a piracy safe-haven but in recent times the country has taken steps to repair its fractured relationship with the entertainment industries.

Since 2012, Spain has implemented a series of changes and adjustments to local copyright law, each aimed at clamping down on the online distribution of copyrighted content. January 1, 2015 saw the most notable development, with the introduction of tough new legislation aimed at quickly shutting down pirate sites.

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