May 292016

Police in Scotland say they are conducting the world’s biggest ‘pirate box’ crackdown. Together with the Federation Against Copyright Theft, police are targeting sellers of Android-style set-top boxes and believe that thousands of pubs could be customers. In addition, three torrent sites have been closed down.

There are several types around but the most common have Android under the hood. Typically in small set-top or dongle format, these products can be loaded with media software from Google’s Play Store or invariably “side-loaded” with more unofficial products such as customized versions of Kodi, Showbox and Popcorn Time.

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Apr 062016

According to reports, one of the biggest IPTV service suppliers has been shut down.

The IPTV service supplier is based in the UK and was closed down “due to legal reasons”.

Details of this are not readily available, but although we do know a name of the provider, until we have more facts about the situation we will not be publishing it.

This IPTV service supplier provided IPTV streams for resellers. This means that many of their clients will no longer have access to the IPTV streams.

A number of customers using this IPTV service, are based in Spain, and used its service for UK and Scandinavian channels.

As this IPTV server is based in the UK, then it is probably safe to assume that this shut down was prompted by UK broadcasters, in conjunction with the Police and FACT.

This could be a good reason not to use an IPTV service based in the UK, for UK TV IPTV content. Once identifier that your IPTV service provider is based in the UK is when you pay in “Pounds Sterling” or where your provider says the price you pay may change as “we pay in pounds so it may vary a little”.

Oct 082015

An international network illegally distributing TV signals via satellite has been caught and shut down in an operation involving police in Brazil and Portugal.

The Judicial Police and the Brazilian authorities say they have dismantled the international criminal organisation that was dedicated to the unlawful distribution of satellite TV signals through ‘card-sharing*.’
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Dec 092014

The Pirate Bay is suffering worldwide downtime today.

The problem appears to be a little more widespread than usual as several other torrent related websites are down too, including EZTV, Torrage and the Istole tracker.

tpb-logoThe Pirate Bay is down at the moment, which is a cause for concern among many BitTorrent users.

Those wondering whether their ISP has started to block access to the site can be reassured though, as the site is down globally.

But it has been confirmed today that Police in Sweden carried out a raid in Stockholm today, seizing servers, computers, and other equipment. At the same time The Pirate Bay and several other torrent-related sites disappeared offline. Although no official statement has been made, sources confirm action against TPB.

Authorities have just confirmed that local police carried out a raid in Stockholm this morning as part of an operation to protect intellectual property.

“There has been a crackdown on a server room in Greater Stockholm. This is in connection with violations of copyright law,” read a statement from Paul Pintér, police national coordinator for IP enforcement.