Oct 082015

An international network illegally distributing TV signals via satellite has been caught and shut down in an operation involving police in Brazil and Portugal.

The Judicial Police and the Brazilian authorities say they have dismantled the international criminal organisation that was dedicated to the unlawful distribution of satellite TV signals through ‘card-sharing*.’
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Jul 042015

When areas of southern Spain and Portugal lost access to the free to air signals carrying BBC and ITV due to the changes in satellite footprints caused by Astra replacing their old satellite with new satellites, some expats turned to the Intelsat 907 and BBC SATBACK system to continue to receive their UK TV channels.

Essentially the BBC SATBACK system is run by Arqiva and is there as an emergency back up should the links for the Freeview TV system in the UK fail. If there is a failure in the Freeview distribution network, then the main UK TV channels can still be transmitted on Freeview by using these satellite feeds instead.
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Apr 212015

ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD expected to switch to UK beam, joining ITV3 HD

Two new test channels have appeared on Astra 2F’s UK beam.

These two test channels are on Astra 2F frequency : 11053 H DVB-S2/8PSK SR:23000, FEC: 3/4.

It is expected that these two test channels will become ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD.

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Mar 282014

Sky HD channels move to the UK beam – some areas of Spain may have lost these channels…

Four Sky HD channels have this week moved satellites.

The four Sky HD channels have moved to the UK beam of the new Astra 2F UK TV satellite.

This is the same UK beam that carries Channel Five, and may mean that some people in the northern areas of Spain (Catalonia and Barcelona) and the south areas (Costa del Sol, Andalucía) and Portugal (Algarve) may have lost reception of these four Sky HD channels.

Their SD / Standard definition versions may still be available.

The four Sky HD channels affected are :

Dave HD,
Watch HD
Alibi HD
Star Plus HD

They have changed their frequencies from
12382MHz, polarisation H
10936MHz, polarisation vertical DVB-S2 Symbol Rate :23000 FEC:2/3

This comes despite some “satellite installers” saying there will be no changes to Sky channels and their reception not be affected by the new satellites…

Feb 192014

With the recent loss of BBC and ITV channels in southern most areas of Spain and Portugal, some installers are promoting and installing a “magic new satellite” for UK TV.

This “magic solution” is actually Intelsat 907, located at 27.5º west. It carries a small handful of BBC, ITV and C4 channels.

More about this service can be found at :

However, all is not as good as it seems.

The channels on this satellite are basically a back up in case of a failure of the UK Freeview distribution system

Unlike the more commonly used public and free to air BBC and ITV channels, the chanensl on Intelsat 907 are encrypted. The BISS encryption is regularly broken by hackers, and so allowing access to these channels. When the codes change, the new codes are posted on the internet within days. sometimes weeks may pass. But it can leave poeple who do not know the codes with no TV. Again. and a potentially large bill for a system that can leave them with no UK TV as promised!

Some people who have had this system installed have expressed surprised when informed about the illegal hacking required to access these channels, and that their “installer” failed to tell them this. And they failed to be told that when the codes change there could be a delay of days or weeks until the new codes are known.