Feb 112014

I got a phone call this evening from a “IPTV” retailer, trying to “recruit” me, by saying all of Spain will only get UK TV via the internet by this week…as no satellite signals would be available in Spain….

There followed a few moments of silence after I mentioned I was getting UK TV fine on my 80cm satellite dish where I was!

“That’s not possible” he said…”all the signals have gone and switched off in Spain…no-one can receive anything”.

…as i turned up the volume enough for him to hear the TV – and then changed over to several channels to prove I was still getting signals.

“That’s not possible. That’s not possible. There are no Sky TV signals in Spain any more.”…he kept on saying…

as I started to watch the BBC Inside Out exposure on internet TV piracy….about providing pay tv channels without the correct subscription and viewing cards….