May 162017

More Sky channels closed on Cardshare systems today

As expected (it seems to happen on a Tuesday!), two more frequencies carrying Sky Pay channels, have had their encryption changed, meaning that channels on these two frequencies are NO LONGER available on card share systems.

We have reported on other frequencies being shut down on card share systems in previous weeks, ( and )
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Apr 252017

Two more frequencies closed by Sky from cardshare networks

Reports this morning say that two more frequencies have had their encryption security updated by Sky, removing the channels on these frequencies from cardshare networks.

These are the second batch of frequencies to be affected, after the first batch were removed from cardshare late march ( ) .

The latest batch of frequencies and channels affected by the change to “Icam” encryption are as follows:
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Mar 292017

Is Sky UK Cardsharing coming to an end ?

During this past week, people using cardshare systems to access their Sky pay channels, have been losing some of their channels.

8 channels, all are on the same transponder, are currently not clearing and are blank on cardsharing systems.

The channels affected are :

Astra 2F 12148 H 27500

Sky Atlantic
Sky Living +1
Sky sports 4
Sky sports news HQ
Eurosport 1

are currently showing “scrambled” messages when trying to access these channels on this one frequency on cardsharing systems.

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Dec 012013

On the 1st December 2013, the Al Jazeera Sports channels on frequency 12344 H 27.5 changed some settings.

The channels on this frequency have had this VPID settings changed : from 321 to 441.

A channel rescan on this frequency will return the channels, as the rescan will update the channel settings.

This has only affected

JSC Sports +6

JSC Sports +7

JSC Sports +8

JSC Sports +9

JSC Sports +10


on the Badr / Arabsat satellite at 26 east.