Feb 062015

Over the last few days, Sky+HD users may have noticed that their series links are not updating as they should. Series Link is a function that enables Sky customers to schedule and record every episode of a particular series.

And you may also have seen ‘No Listings’ or ‘Searching for listings’ messages displayed when you open the TV Guide.

Both of these issues have been caused by a technical problem which Sky are working to fix as soon as possible. Sky have even posted an announcement admitting there are “technical issues” that they are working on.

Users may be able to solve the problem by performing a reboot of your Sky+HD digibox –

(reboot your digibox process:
put the box into standby mode,
disconnect the power cable from the back of the digibox for 15 seconds, then reapply the power cable
wait for the box to boot up – takes about 2 minutes
the Sky Guide should repopulate, and hopefully series links in the planner also)

A Sky Planner rebuild may also solve the problem.

However, note that a full system reset will wipe all recordings from your Sky Planner.

Jul 062014

Over the last week or so some Sky users may have noticed their Sky Guide being very slow in populating.

Missing programmes slow loading programme synopsis, missing series links have all being experienced.

This looks to be a generally problem – at Sky’s end of things.

Reports are that Sky are making small changes to the EPG software,in preparation for the upcoming reshuffle in August.