Mar 142014

Sky has announced to all broadcasters thatthey intend to have slight changes to the Sky Guide EPG channel listings .

This will involve changes to the channel lineup to squeeze out the gaps between channels, and the eventual removal of the Lifestyle genre altogether.

It is thought that the proposed changes will include:

Entertainment will become 101-299

Lifestyle will initially be reduced to 240-259, but the genre will be removed altogether in Autumn 2014.

Sports will become 401 – 489 for free and subscription channels, with Pay-per-View in 490-499. .

Kids will become 601-649.

Shopping will become 650-699

News will continue to have an overspill area in 570-579

Sky plan to make the changes and channel number changes in July 2014 with the Lifestyle genre itself will close “in Autumn 2014”.