Feb 212016

Single Feed Mode on a Sky+HD digibox (2016)

This video shows you how to set your Sky+HD digibox to operate on one cable input using Single Feed Mode.

A Sky+HD digibox is ideally to be used with two cable feeds from your satellite dish. This allows you to use the full potential of your Sky+HD box, and allows you to watch one channel and record another at the same time.

However, in some cases, especially in community satellite installations, it may not be possible to have a second cable feeding your Sky+HD box.

So you have to set your Sky+HD digibox to “Single Feed Mode” to tell they Sky+HD digibox that you are only using one feed.

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Feb 142015

Sky looking at IP delivery for 4K content


Sky said that it is “not ruling out” the possibility of delivering 4K content over the web in the future in a similar way to Netflix, after staging early trials filming in the ultra HD format.
Speaking at SES Ultra HD conference in London yesterday, Sky’s chief engineer of broadcast strategy, Chris Johns, said that there was “no reason” Sky couldn’t launch a 4K channel now if there was compelling enough content to do so.
However, asked whether Sky would not make such a move until transponder pricing and 4K production costs drop, he said that there was more options than simply broadcasting a linear 4K channel via satellite.

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Aug 182014

Interesting day today.

1 Freesat HD system installed for clients fed up with their IPTV / xbmc / android brit tv box system – low image quality, always buffering, endless trawling through non working links, little help from the person who sold it…

1 Sky HD install for people fed up with their PAY IPTV service that was always buffering and hard to see images on sports channels. With their new Sky HD system, they commented “we should have done this months ago rather than waste money on that mag250 system”!

And 3 more disgruntled internet tv users wanting a hd satellite system on the answerphone today …

Wonder why this surge all of a sudden…..

Jun 192014

As Sky increase their anti piracy measures, ( all Sky Sports HD channels are now no longer available on card share systems.

Earlier this week Sky Sports 1 HD joining the other Sky Sports HD channels, and Sky Movies HD, and a number of other Sky HD channels, to have their “setting” changed to stop their sky cards being used on non sky digiboxes.

The current list of Sky HD channels no longer available on card sharing systems is:

ITV Encore HD
Sky 1 HD
Sky living HD
Sky Atlantic HD
Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD

History HD
Crime HD
National Geographic UK HD
Nat Geo Wild HD

Sky Premier HD
Sky Sci Fi / Horror HD
Sky Disney HD
Sky Family HD
Sky Showcase HD
Sky Drama HD
Sky Thriller HD
Sky Greats HD
Sky Select HD
Sky Action HD
Sky Comedy HD

Sky Sports News HD
Sky Sports 1 HD
Sky Sports 2 HD
Sky Sports 3 HD
Sky Sports 4 HD
Sky Sports 5 HD
Sky Sports F1 HD

Despite this change, some “satellite installers” on the Costa Blanca and Spain are still advertising and offering these systems, as “Full Sky HD Packages”.

Apr 262014

If you are using an illegal card sharing system to receive your Sky channels, then you ,may have noticed you have this week lost a few HD channels.

Channels gone so far..

Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
National Geographic UK
History HD
Crime HD

This is due to new encryption being deployed by Sky and their encryption service to try and combat the illegal sharing of their channels on these card sharing systems.

For people receiving their Sky TV using cardsharing, the lost of these HD channels will be just the start. You can expect further Sky HD channels to be lost in the coming weeks.

Just one of the “problems” that the providers and installers of these systems may not have mentioned to you when you got the system.

The channels are still available in Standard Definition (SD).

Channels continue to work fine with an official Sky card in an official Sky box.




This is taken from a post on another forum

A good friend of mine works for Sly technical department has just confirmed that Sky have issued a statement this week
advising that “Starting from Today Thursday April 24th 2014 all HD subscription channels will begin changing codec and broadcasting streams to allow for thier new Mpeg 5 EPG system to be launched and added to all HD paired boxes via software upgrades ”

“This new feature similar to that of digital Saorview interactive text and features will take effect from today and will allow users in the immediate future to fully enjoy the new interactive teletext functions to become a main feature going forward into 2015 and beyond ”

Mar 282014

Sky HD channels move to the UK beam – some areas of Spain may have lost these channels…

Four Sky HD channels have this week moved satellites.

The four Sky HD channels have moved to the UK beam of the new Astra 2F UK TV satellite.

This is the same UK beam that carries Channel Five, and may mean that some people in the northern areas of Spain (Catalonia and Barcelona) and the south areas (Costa del Sol, Andalucía) and Portugal (Algarve) may have lost reception of these four Sky HD channels.

Their SD / Standard definition versions may still be available.

The four Sky HD channels affected are :

Dave HD,
Watch HD
Alibi HD
Star Plus HD

They have changed their frequencies from
12382MHz, polarisation H
10936MHz, polarisation vertical DVB-S2 Symbol Rate :23000 FEC:2/3

This comes despite some “satellite installers” saying there will be no changes to Sky channels and their reception not be affected by the new satellites…

Dec 092013

The BBC have confirmed the channel numbers for the batch of new BBC HD Channels, scheduled for launch on Tuesday 10th December.
Here are the channel numbers for Sky HD digiboxes and Freesat HD set top boxes

BBC HD channels  from 10th December 2013
with HD subscription
without HD subscription
Freesat HD
101   (Scotland, Wales,  N.I.)
141   (England)
102   (England)
142   (Elsewhere)

Viewers with Freesat HD do not need take any action to get the new BBC HD channels: the changes will automatically take place very shortly. Humax Freesat HD receivers will update their channel list overnight.

Viewers with a Sky HD or Sky+HD digibox  do not need take any action to get the new BBC HD channels: the changes will automatically take place very shortly.

Users with other HD satellite receivers will have to perform a scan on the relevant frequencies to be able to watch these new BBC HD channels –

Dec 062013

Some new BBC HD channels are, according to rumours, expected to launch on the 10th December 2013, on Sky HD and Freesat HD.

The channels have been testing for a few days, indication that they will soon be launched.


BBC Three HD Frequency: 10847 Vertical 23000 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK Satellite: Astra 1N

BBC Four HD Frequency: 11024 Horizontal 23000 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK Satellite: Astra 2F

CBBC HD Frequency: 10847 Vertical 23000 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK Satellite: Astra 1N

CBeebies HD Frequency: 11024 Horizontal 23000 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK Satellite: Astra 2F

BBC News HD Frequency: 11024 Horizontal 23000 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK Satellite: Astra 2F


Sky HD and Freesat HD channel numbers are still to be confirmed.

Sky HD digiboxes and Freesat HD set top boxes will automatically update to include these new channels.

Users of other satellite receivers will need to perform a channel scan, usually available via the installation menu (check your user manual for details).

More frequency information and settings for BBC TV on satellite at :

Channel numbers for these new BBC HD channels, for Sky HD and Freesat HD users can be found at :

Feb 202013

Sky TV has introduced a new basic tier TV subscription designed to drive uptake of its 3D channel.

Entertainment Extra + will offer subscribers access to 3D entertainment content such as Galapagos via the linear Sky 3D channel and on-demand service.

3D sports and film content will be blocked for Entertainment Extra + customers – remaining accessible only by the broadcaster’s top tier Sky World subscribers.

The £31.50 per month pack, which launches in April, sits alongside the existing Entertainment and Entertainment Extra packs and also includes access to 45 HD channels.

Currently subscribers to the Entertainment and Entertainment Extra packs, who pay £21.50 and £26.50 per month respectively, must pay an additional £10.25 for access to the HD channels but this will be cut to £5.25 from April.

As part of the changes Sky will move its archive library of shows exclusively onto the new Entertainment Extra + pack.

Sky’s brand director of TV products Luke Bradley-Jones said in a blog post that the new pack was designed to convert SD homes into 3D and HD homes.

Dec 092012

RT HD (Russia Today HD), the Russia-based news channel, is set to launch 16th December 2012.

A looped trailer has been playing to state that the service is “starting 16th December”.

It is currently unknown if the service will appear on both Sky and Freesat EPGs replacing the current standard definition version for owners of HD receivers.

RT originally launched under the brand “Russia Today” in 2005. The channel reportedly has an annual budget of around $300 million.

Satellite: Manual tuning details:

RT HD Eutelsat 28A Frequency: 11223.67, Vertical polarisation, FEC:  2/3 Symbol Rate:  27500