Jan 082016

Reports this past few week suggest that Sky Italia is currently down on satellite cardsharing systems.
Cardsharing is a system where you can link one viewing card to a network of receivers, usually paying customers via the internet, to enable the viewing of pay tv channel without an official viewing card.

As cardsharing, the sale or and use of, is illegal, pay TV channels are always trying to improve their security to try and prevent this.

The reports from Italy are that Sky Italia have changed their encryption algorithm. This change has meant the loss of Sky Italia channel on cardsharing systems.
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Oct 082014

Cardsharing is an method of sharing one subscription to multiple satellite receivers via the internet.

As pay TV companies increase their subscriptions, these systems have become more and more popular.

Cardsharing on the Costa Blanca and Spain is rife, with many installers and well known distributors offering these systems – usually without informing the clients about the pitfalls of these systems.

Earlier this year, card sharing systems lost the Sky Italia HD channels due to new encryption and security.

This was then moved to Sky UK, and the Sky HD channels were lost to the card sharing system. But installers still offered these systems, with some still advertising “Full Sky HD” on these system, when clearly all the Sky HD channels are not available.

As we reported:


It was thought that the SD Sky channels would be safe.

However, this week SD channels have started to be lost from the Sky Italia card sharing systems.

Although one or two SD Sky Italia channels are still clearing, many of them are “blocked” or “scrambled”.

The question is, how long will it be before Sky UK follow Sky Italia’s lead, and the Sky UK channels are lost on these cardsharing systems.


Jul 252014

BSkyB confirmed on Friday it has sealed a £10bn deal to create Sky Europe, buying its sister pay-TV companies in Germany and Italy from Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox.

BSkyB, which is 39.1% owned by Fox, is expected announce the deal as part of its annual financial results for the year to the end of June on Friday morning.

BSkyB will take full control of both Sky Deutschland, acquiring Fox’s 57% stake and buying out other shareholders, and Sky Italia.

Sky Europe is unlikely to be able to benefit from being able to strike pan-European deals for sports rights, such as the Premier League, as rights holders negotiate on a market-by-market basis. However, the enlarged business is likely to benefit from cost-cutting in shared operations, and make better use of programming investments across multiple markets.

The company’s UK and Ireland operation can reach 27m households, while Sky Europe would have a target of 94m households encompassing Germany, Italy and Austria.

The deal will net Fox as much as $10bn, which is expected to be used by Fox to make an improved offer for rival media giant Time Warner, after its earlier $75bn-plus bid was knocked back in June.

Jun 082014

Sky Europe…? Will BSKyB merge with Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland

An interesting article in the Guardian today on the prospect of a merger between the Sky operations in Europe to form one broadcasting giant.


The question, as 21st Century Fox (prop R Murdoch) and BSkyB (dominant shareholder R Murdoch) seek to decide whether Sky Deutschland, Sky Italia and BSkyRupert can somehow be brought together to form Sky Europe, our continent’s supreme pay-TV operation, is not – curiously – whether an incurably bureaucratic European commission will approve such a controversial deal. For we probably know the answer to that already (from four years ago, when Mr M tried to buy back all of BSkyB).

“The commission has come to the conclusion that BSkyB’s presence as a leading pay-TV operator in the UK and Ireland with News Corporation’s presence as a leading pay-TV operator in Italy, Germany and Austria does not raise serious doubts as to its compatibility with the internal market in relation to a possible increased bargaining power as regards the negotiation and acquisition of rights to TV content.” Which, rationally considered, makes you wonder why the Bun and other Rupertian organs bang on so balefully about the evils of Brussels.

No: the real question is why a continent so rich in history and worldly wealth should be so puny at entertaining and informing itself.


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May 122014

Rupert Murdoch is reportedly looking to combine British Sky Broadcasting Group with Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland.

Bloomberg broke the news about a possible combination of the three main European Sky platforms quoting anonymous sources.

The transaction that would transform British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc (BSY) into a European satellite-TV giant.

BSkyB, partly owned by Fox, is working on a deal valued at about 10 billion euros ($14 billion) to acquire control of satellite carriers Sky Deutschland AG (SKYD) and Sky Italia from Fox, according to people with knowledge of the matter. At the moment, Murdoch holds a 39% stake in BSkyB, while Fox holds 55% of Sky Deutschland and 100% of Sky Italia.

A deal would give BSkyB, already the biggest pay-TV provider in the U.K., oversight of companies that sell satellite programming to 8.5 million homes across Germany and Italy.

In the UK, Sky had 15 million subscribers at the end of March 2014, while Sky D had 3.73 million subscribers, and Sky Italia had 4.75 million. A combined Sky Europe would serve around 23.5 million customers, but such a deal would almost certainly spark the interest of European regulators.