Apr 132015

The frequency used for Sky News and Pick TV (and a few other Sky channels) is changing this week.

Currently the frequency 12207 V has an FEC of 2/3.

On the 16th April 2015 at 0430, the FEC for this frequency will change to 5/6
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Jun 292014

Sky News Red Button service is to close on Monday 30th June 2014

There has been a reduced service for several months, when “Sky text” closed. This was replaced by a limited Sky News Red Button service, offering four news feeds – including rolling headlines, and weather.

The move comes as Sky push their Sky News On Demand service, available by connecting your Sky box to the internet.

Note users in Spain will need to connect their Sky HD box to the internet via a router running a UK VPN service.
On Demand and Catch Up TV in Spain VPN

Jan 232013

New UK TV Satellite News:

It appears that some of the Sky PAY channels are in the process of moving from their old satellite to their new satellite.

It has been reported today some Sky PAY channels may have moved from their old satellite (Astra 2a and 2B) to their new satellite, Astra 2F.

Reports suggest that some channels have moved to the new “European beam” on 2F.

We know something is happening as people in the “extreme fringe reception areas” are reporting a loss of channels today, in areas like the Canary Islands.


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Dec 012012

Challange, Pick TV and Sky News will be launching on Freesat Monday 3rd December.

They are expected to be on the following Freesat channel numbers.

144 – Pick TV

145 – Challenge

202 – Sky News

Pick and Challenge have only this year been “free to air” and not requiring a Sky card to view.

All three channels have been available to Freesat users in “non freesat mode”. But it now looks like these three channels will now be avilable in Freesat mode.